Saturday, December 7, 2019
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    Letter to the Editor: The Next Cigarette

    Are you "bigger" than a cigarette or a vaper? Would you REALLY like to shake off the domination they have over you? Here is how.I had smoked a packet of 20 daily for a matter of 35 years, however as a hospital worker I knew at...

    Vaping Makes It Easy for Users to Get High in Plain Sight

    An aspect of Vaping that I hadn't considered until now was the ability it offers users to take drugs right under the nose of others. When I worked with teenagers who had been expelled from school I soon learned how to tell when they had been using drugs during their lunch break.

    William Davis MD Cardiologist Reveals the Solutions to Modern Chronic Disease

    Finally got to meet William Davis MD, cardiologist extraordinaire and author of the "Wheat Belly" series, "Track Your Plaque", "Undoctored" and many other superb books. A key focus of our discussion was something pivotal in nature - the holy grail if you will. Yes - I'm...

    Vaping: The Difference Between ENDS & THC cartridges.

    There have been a lot of misleading statements published in the media recently about the dangers of vaping, according to a New Zealand based supplier of Vapes. In an attempt to counteract the misinformation they released the following statement.

    Highest Stroke Risk: Meat Eaters, Vegetarians or Vegans?

    My non scientific answer would be none of the above. I do not think it was what my husband ate that caused his stroke at 49 years of age; it was the stress caused by protracted legal jihad over 7+ years that caused his stroke.

    The 77-Year-Old Ballet Dancer

    Confessions of a Part-time Vegan

    Before the red blooded meat eating, beer and whiskey brigade have conniptions about my choice of website for this disclosure, let me assure you that good vegan food is very appealing and healthy despite the well-bandied-unhealthy-vegan-walking-advertisements for why you should not go there.

    Face of the Day

    Health Minister David Clark has been accused of hiding the state of DHB deficits, after he held off the release the latest financial reports. The year-to-March DHB financial results showed a deficit of $264 million across the 20 DHBs. All, bar one,...

    Dementia: The Theft of a Mind

    Is that what our governments have in store for us? Do they wish to steal our minds? If not, they are doing a pretty good job of making me fear that this is the case. As some posters may know, I...

    I’m a Libertarian against Euthanasia

    Radio New Zealand has reported on euthanasia activist Sean Davison. New Zealand-born euthanasia activist Sean Davison has been sentenced to three years under house arrest in South Africa for helping three people to kill themselves. Davison was convicted in New Zealand of assisting his terminally...