Sunday, January 19, 2020


    Trannies’ Rights Trampled: the Fightback Is Starting

    Most excellent news last week out of Australia: the fightback against dodgy pretend females taking over women's sport seems to be starting. You may recall seeing Callum (Hannah) Mouncey back in 2017 when SB wrote about him being denied the opportunity to play...

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    Racist Rugby Whingers Take a Knee for the Anthem

    Australia’s Minister for Indigenous Australians – himself indigenous – has rapped the knuckles of the pampered cry-babies in the NRL who whine about playing the national anthem. Not only are these whingeing ingrates alienating the very people who line their pockets, frankly, they’re crying through their...

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    Face of the Day

    Today's face of the day Sir Peter Snell passed away on Saturday. A few years back when our son, Michael, was needing accommodation in Dallas for a triathlon Sir Peter and his lovely wife Miki hosted him for the weekend . It was...

    The Ethnic Minority You Can Stereotype to Your Heart’s Content.

    It's rough making fun of people these days. With so many protected victim groups you have to watch your tongue and tiptoe through the eggshells to avoid being called out by the offenderati and the Broadcasting Standards Authority. But turns out that there is an...

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    Folau Case Resolved – at Least in Part

    Australian Family Coalition The long-running Israel Folau case was resolved this week (at least in part). After increasing his claim against his former employers to $14 million, mediation sessions finally saw an out-of-court settlement reached. The details remain confidential.

    Australian Rugby Payout MILLIONS

    I applaud the out of court settlement between the Australian Rugby Union and Israel Folau but I hasten to add that the Union doesn’t exactly come out of this looking anything close to squeaky clean and in reality; they could have avoided the whole thing had...

    Press Statement from the Canterbury Rugby Union (Satire)

    Wibble WarningSatire: This is NOT a real Press release Press Statement from the Canterbury Rugby Union: Wayne Kerr and A.Dick, head of logo development. There has been considerable public feedback regarding the controversial re-branding of...