Sunday, March 29, 2020


    The BFD Nightcap: These Girls Are Suing The Gov Over Trans Athletes

    These three high school girls from Connecticut are suing their government claiming trans athletes have an unfair advantage.

    The BFD Face of the Day

    Today's face of the day transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has prevented two sportswomen half his age from taking home gold medals. Transgender athletes like Laurel are destroying women's sport and female sportswomen are letting them. If all female athletes refused to compete against...

    RUGBY Australia Bullies Religious Minority Players

    It seems to be taken for granted by the left-media that if anyone is bullying brown people, it just has to be evil “right-wing nutbags” and that the only religion even capable of being persecuted is the cuddly “religion of peace”. The idea...

    The BFD Sports Quiz

    The BFD Face of the Day

    Today's face of the day Israel Folau had Rainbow activists try to smear his debut by claiming that they were banned from waving their rainbow flags. Folau took just six minutes to score his first try for the Dragons and received a warm reception...

    The BFD Sports Quiz

    The BFD Video: Alex Botelho Survives Jet Ski Incident

    A horrible incident yesterday at the World Surf League Tow Surf Comp in Portugal. Jet ski driver got trapped between two huge waves while picking up his surfer. Was unconscious in the water face down for minutes but somehow survived. If you have...

    Scott McLaughlin Top Rookie at COTA Indycar Test

    So it looks like my predictions in relation to Kiwi racer Scott McLaughlin's chances of shining at this weeks full Indycar test at Austin Texas' Circuit of the Americas were a bit off on Monday. In that post I said: If...

    Indycar Series Start Confirmed for Scott McLaughlin

    A few weeks ago I mentioned that our great Kiwi racer Scott McLaughlin had completed a very successful Indycar test with his Penske team. I suggested that it was probably more likely that Scott would be trying out Nascar in the future but with such a...

    The BFD Video: Why Did Old Timey Boxers All Pose for Photos With the Same Silly Stance?

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