Monday, October 21, 2019
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    If the COL were a Rugby Team

    By William Felt I usually finish in the office at 6.30; in time to catch the sports news at 6.40 on TV. This is especially important during the All Black season and more so during a “World Cup”. Seeing what our team...

    How’s That ‘Inclusion’ Working Out, Ladies?

    Whenever real women have the temerity to ark up about hulking beefcakes in dresses crash-tackling their way into women’s events, organisations and spaces, they’re fobbed off with mealy-mouthed rubbish about “inclusion”. But, as women are discovering to their chagrin, “inclusion” is just the “progressive” way of...

    Face of the Day

    Former All Black Stanley 'Tiny' Hill MBE has died on Wednesday, aged 92. Hill, who served in the New Zealand Army for 30 years, played 11 tests and eight games for the All Blacks between 1955 and 1959.

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    The Gravel’s Set to Fly Again

    Rallying in New Zealand has been missing its pinnacle event since 2012, but gravel chuckers everywhere are rejoicing in the news this week that there will again be a World Rally Car Series round in NZ, at least in the short term.

    Israel Folau Scores Against the Rugby Bosses Again

    If Australia’s rugby bosses thought they had successfully got rid of Israel Folau, they’ve had another thing coming. Not only has Izzy hit back big time with a massive lawsuit, but it looks like he’ll be back, playing Test rugby very soon.

    Highlights: All Blacks v Tonga (Hamilton)

    The All Blacks have put on a dominant display in their final game on home soil before the World Cup, with a 92-7 win over Tonga in Hamilton. If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video...

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    World’s Greatest Participation Trophy

    Australian Rules Football really is becoming as soft as rugby fans have always said it is. We’ve got fans getting kicked out for correctly observing that an umpire is a “bald-headed flog”, over-zealous security guards rushing on to the field to break up a couple of...