Friday, August 7, 2020
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    Feminists’ hypocritical crusade against (white only) male violence

    Biologist and anti-theist Richard Dawkins was roundly criticised for sharing a satirical YouTube song, Feminists and Islamists. But, as the song says, Islam and feminism (or at least, its contemporary “Third Wave” variant) “have so very much in common”. Not least...

    Sports Illustrated goes Islamic

    Yet again, we are being Islamified. The famous magazine, Sports Illustrated, has produced a photo shoot of a Muslim model in swimwear. Trouble is, she is wearing a burkini, a hijab, and a number of other clothing items all at the same time. quote.

    Scots College Head accused of sexism

    The prestigious boys' school, Scots College in Wellington is going co-ed next year, after being a single-sex school for 103 years. The school recently held an open day for students looking at attending the college next year, and well ... it...


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