Monday, December 16, 2019
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    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    A branch of KFC has converted it's toilets. Previously it had a toilet for men and a toilet for women. It's kept the men's toilet as men-only, but now the women's toilet is also for men. ( source Twitter)

    The Progressive Who Cried Wolf and Lost a Book Contract

    When interviews go wrong (or right, depending on your viewpoint), they’re genuine car-crash entertainment. Sometimes it’s a grandstanding interviewer pulled up short, as Margaret Thatcher famously did, when she demanded that George Negus name the “people say”, or when Jordan Peterson famously...

    The Transgender Language Police

    PA Pundits - International Katrina Trinko Katrina Trinko is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal at  The Heritage Foundation and co-host of The Daily Signal podcast A friend of mine has an amusing tale...

    What is Really Happening in Sweden, Greta?

    It´s convenient that Greta Thunberg is from Sweden so that the politicians here can ignore the real issues for a moment. If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

    Speak Up for Women Still Doesn’t Get It.

    No Face Just when I felt a scrap of sympathy for Speak up for Women because Massey University deplatformed them... I joined their mailing list to read some of their articles. The first article in my mailbox pissed me...

    Face of the Day

    Today's face of the day Saunoamaali’i Dr Karanina Sumeo is a very strange Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, as she doesn't support equal access to free speech. In fact, she supports feminists being de-platformed from Massey University describing it as a "Good call."

    Audio: Interviews about Massey University’s Suppression of Free Speech on Campus

    This week Sean Plunket brought three people onto his Magic talkback show to discuss the various issues surrounding Massey University's disgraceful decision to kowtow to bullies and stomp all over the free speech rights of its students. He interviewed Rachel Stewart...

    The Matriarchal Cruelty of Modern Education

    “Modern educayshun” really is doing a disservice to young Australians. Not only is it making them dumber – Australia’s international education rankings have steadily slid further and further behind, despite spending billions more – but it’s making them frightened and confused, too. Creepy...

    Transgenders Demand Priority over Women with Cancer

    Some feminists are belatedly waking up to the fact that there’s not much room under the rainbow flag for women. As the “progressives” push harder and harder for so-called “transgender rights”, the rights of women, it seems, can go to hell. Transgenderism is...