Friday, August 7, 2020
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    Ricky Gervais Blasts Hollywood

    I never watch the awards shows nowadays. I used to love them. The glamour, the emotion, the suspense, wondering if your favourite movie will win 'Best Picture' - it all used to be a fascinating part of the entertainment industry. I particularly loved the gowns. No...

    Trannies’ Rights Trampled: the Fightback Is Starting

    Most excellent news last week out of Australia: the fightback against dodgy pretend females taking over women's sport seems to be starting. You may recall seeing Callum (Hannah) Mouncey back in 2017 when SB wrote about him being denied the opportunity to play...

    Taxpayer-Funded Feminists Blame and Shame Male Victims of Violence

    In a recent case involving an Australian woman who murdered her children, there was something particularly notable about public commentary. Almost every commenter expressed sympathy for the murderer, with much sorrowful head-shaking about mental health. Compare that with the response to, say, the...

    The Olympics Will Help Expose Woke Leftist Hypocrisy.

    At the present time, the IOC has changed their guidelines to say that self-identified women can compete against women, so long as their testosterone level remains below 10 nanomoles per litre (nm/l) for 12 months. On average testosterone levels are;

    Germaine Greer on the DEATH of Free Speech

    Writer Germaine Greer spoke to Loose Women today on the recent news that students are shunning free speech on university campuses. She also talks about the criticism she has faced for her writing in the past and feminism in 2019. From series 22, broadcast on 13/11/2019

    David Seymour ACTS to Protect Free Speech

    Talk is cheap but ACT leader David Seymour has put his words into action. An organised group of Trans activists has bullied and twice now, deplatformed a feminist women's rights group, preventing them from holding a feminist event with an overseas speaker. Initially the feminist...

    Wednesday Nightcap

    What if a man made these violent threats?

    Things That Make Me Go Hmm

    A branch of KFC has converted it's toilets. Previously it had a toilet for men and a toilet for women. It's kept the men's toilet as men-only, but now the women's toilet is also for men. ( source Twitter)

    The Progressive Who Cried Wolf and Lost a Book Contract

    When interviews go wrong (or right, depending on your viewpoint), they’re genuine car-crash entertainment. Sometimes it’s a grandstanding interviewer pulled up short, as Margaret Thatcher famously did, when she demanded that George Negus name the “people say”, or when Jordan Peterson famously...

    The Transgender Language Police

    PA Pundits - International Katrina Trinko Katrina Trinko is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal at  The Heritage Foundation and co-host of The Daily Signal podcast A friend of mine has an amusing tale...


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