Remember Shaneel Lal whining to media that he feared for his life before the arrival of Kellie-Jay Keen for an Auckland Let Women Speak rally? Lal lied – he didn’t actually fear for his life – what he refused to admit was the very real threat that real women pose to transgender men pretending to be real women.

At the Auckland rally, Lal showed not fear but loud aggression, using a megaphone to work the transgender crowd up into a frenzy and physically attack Kean and her female supporters.

Lal is not and never will be a real woman.

As long as real women keep protesting the invasion of fake women into their spaces and rejecting their claims of equality with women, real women will win.

Scottish women took to the streets recently to protect women-only spaces and events.

Ms Keen said her purpose was to “test the law” on the march to see how the police would handle gender-critical chants in light of the new legislation, which took effect on April 1.

Women marching in Edinburgh against Humza Yousaf’s legislation, which critics including JK Rowling have warned could criminalise airing gender-critical beliefs, criticised the pro-trans protesters for “harassment and intimidation”.

The threat of transgender men being outed as fake women is very real and the trannies mobilised.

Pictures from the march showed demonstrators draped in the trans pride flag holding abusive placards.

One sign read “trans dogs bite terfs”. The term “terfs” is used by transgender campaigners to describe women who oppose the view that gender is unfixed and can change according to how people self-identify.

Another sign suggested that lesbians are attracted to the male genitalia of transgender people, and another that they are attracted to transgender breasts.


Real Scottish women don’t buy into fake women either.

One amusing definition of transgenders is WWWD’s – Wannabe Women With Dicks.

Last year Leah Panapa was admonished by her employer, Mediaworks, for offending the sensibilities of precious WWWDs after mocking them on TodayFM with Miles Davis.

“Sometimes I think this is how I’m gonna lose my job – because I would refuse to read out the words ‘pregnant people’.”

Panapa went on to explain she believed women were “becoming extinct” and only women could have babies.

Davis agreed with Panapa and likened the pair to “suicide bombers” because “when it comes to that we’ll sacrifice ourselves to make a point”.

He then went on to talk about “those pronoun cobblers”, saying it “drove him nuts”, with Panapa chiming in she “didn’t understand pronouns at all”.

Funny and truthful, but it wasn’t long before the LGBTTQIA+ community retaliated using the established rainbow community guidelines.

Martin King, awards director of the rainbow excellence awards – in which MediaWorks, the owner of TodayFM, has been a finalist in the past – said the comments were “shocking”.

”I’m pretty horrified – I’m glad they apologised, but it should never have got to that point of having this toxic and inappropriate conversation on air.”

Panapa said the comments had been “inexcusable, inappropriate and deeply offensive”, and apologised to the LGBTTQIA+ community for any distress “that may have been caused”.

Davis said the comments came from “a place of ignorance, rather than malice” and the pair were intending to undergo rainbow tick training.

“We are sorry – we’re better than this and hope you’ll accept our apology.”

King said Davis and Panapa would benefit “greatly” from attending training as their comments were “ignorant and harmful”.

“Their apology does not take away what they said. We would recommend they have clear guidelines and standards around LGBTTQIA+ issues and topics on air.”

King acknowledged MediaWorks had a “highly engaged rainbow employee network” and he was sure it would be “extremely disappointed” by the comments.

MediaWorks Director of News and Talk, Dallas Gurney agreed the comments were “unacceptable”.

”Once Leah and Miles were made aware of the impact of what they said, they were devastated about those they have hurt.

”They made a personal on-air apology and are undertaking rainbow tick training next week.”


Devastated or just desperate to keep their jobs?

The funny thing is, when Panapa turned up to complete her “rainbow training” the rainbow organisers had cancelled because they didn’t feel safe!

Real women don’t behave like bullies or crying little girls.

I wonder about the fortitude of the rainbow people in the police force. Will they end up crying in a safe space when someone is mean to them?

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