Australia’s taxpayer-funded (and left-wing propaganda behemoth) broadcaster costs us north of a billion dollars a year. It would be slightly less if its staff weren’t constantly shooting their mouths off and prompting defamation settlements. From former commandos to businessmen, and of course, Liberal politicians Christian Porter and Andrew Laming (starting to see a pattern, here?), the ABC’s big mouths are costing taxpayers millions.

Kellie-Jay Keen is merely the latest to take the ABC collective to task for its biased ‘reporting’.

The ABC has been forced to publish a clarification, conceding that viewers of a 7.30 interview with Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto “may have understood the interview to suggest” that UK gender critical feminist Kellie-Jay Keen “has associations with neo-Nazis”.

In a turn of events which is likely to have implications for Federal Court defamation cases being pursued against Mr Pesutto by Ms Keen, expelled Liberal MP Moira Deeming, and fellow activist Angela Jones, the public broadcaster has reached a confidential out of court settlement with Ms Keen.

As usual, the ABC couldn’t wait to screech its usual roster of buzz-words: ‘far-right’, ‘Nazi’ and so on.

[7.30 host Sarah Ferguson…] referred to Ms Keen as “a woman with neo-Nazi and far right associations.”

While she did not refer to Ms Keen by name in the interview itself, Ferguson described the UK activist in her introduction to the interview as “controversial UK figure, Kellie-Jay Keen, an anti-trans activist associated with the far-right”.

Too many people let this sort of routine smear by the left-media go without consequence. Thankfully, Kellie-Jay Keen is not one of them. The ABC was forced into a backdown.

In a statement published on the ABC’s website on Wednesday afternoon [the public broadcaster stated…] “The ABC understands Ms Keen denies any association with neo-Nazis and the ABC does not endorse any imputation that may have been conveyed to that effect.”

Unfortunately for him, Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto is not as quick on the uptake.

Both Ms Keen and Ms Jones are being represented by the Alexander Rashidi Lawyers team of barrister Bridie Nolan and lawyer, former Liberal candidate and outspoken critic of recent changes to transgender laws, Katherine Deves, who was also a “Let Women Speak” participant.

Ms Deves welcomed the ABC’s response to the concerns notice they were issued a month ago.

“I was pleased with the professional and efficient way with which the ABC dealt with Ms Keen’s concerns, when confronted with her refutation of the claims made by Mr Pesutto,” Ms Deves said.

“Had all parties to whom Ms Keen had issued concerns notices dealt with them in the same way, it is highly unlikely that these matters would be taking up valuable court time.”

Federal Court Justice Michael Wheelahan is due to hold a case management hearing regarding the actions being brought against Mr Pesutto by Ms Keen, Ms Deeming and Ms Jones on Thursday morning.

The Australian

Meanwhile, Moira Deeming, along with other genuinely conservative Liberals, regularly packs out townhalls, while Pesutto struggles to fill a telephone box.

There’s a message there, for the Victorian Liberals, if they’ve got the wits to see it.

And the ABC just refuses to learn.

Sky News host Chris Kenny has welcomed Dick Smith’s big win over the ABC and its “so-called fact-checking outfit” with RMIT after the broadcaster issued an apology for a fact check which had been published.

Mr Smith had previously stated no country had been able to run entirely on renewable energy.

The RMIT ABC Fact Check unit allegedly conflated electricity with total energy use, claiming Albania, Bhutan, Nepal and Paraguay were run off 100 per cent renewable energy.

Mr Kenny said the apology is an “important win” because it exposes the “deceit and green -left bias” of the ABC and the fact-checking outfit.

“And it exposes the big lie of Australian politics and climate activism – the ridiculous pretense that this country can be the first in the world to run a modern economy on a renewable energy plus storage model.”


Once again, proving my Third Law of the Media: Always assume that ‘fact-checkers’ are trying to bullshit you.

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