Time and again, we are finger-wagged that “They are Us”. That Muslims are just like any other immigrant group, all itching to assimilate into mainstream Western culture. Just like Irish and Italians but with funny beards and veils.

Such sunny optimism, though, is only sustainable if you pay no attention whatsoever to what Muslims living in the West actually say.

At least 46% of foreign-born Muslims in France want to adopt Sharia law into the country’s legal system, reveals a poll conducted by IFOP (French Institute for Public Opinions) for Le Point magazine.

The survey also indicates that among French-born Muslims, 18% believe that sharia should prevail.

Islam Surveyed

That’s not “co-exist”: it’s conquest.

Of course, some will argue that the difference between French-born and immigrant Muslims shows that Multiculturalism “works”, and that eventually, Muslims will “integrate”.

Wishful thinking.

Young British Muslims whose families have lived in the UK for generations are more at risk of radicalisation than recent migrants to Britain, according to new research which reveals the common characteristics of those most vulnerable to recruitment by terrorists […]

Kamaldeep Bhui, lead author of the study and professor of cultural psychiatry and epidemiology at Queen Mary University of London, said: “Migrant groups are much stronger in condemning terrorism. I think the most compelling argument for this is that recent migrants are dealing with a hard struggle and they’ve invested in coming here.

“They’ve got adversity to deal with and are not in a position where they can indulge some of the ideas of grievance. Whereas people born and brought up here probably take for granted the security and safety where they live and the education and support.”

The research also puts paid to the notion that radicalism is the result of disadvantage.

Being comfortably off was also a factor in sympathy for terrorist acts but not in the way researchers expected. Those who were least happy with their local area, feared their neighbourhood and saw violence in the community were actually more resistant to radicalisation.

The Independent

Where are young Muslims learning to hate everyone else?

Children who go to mosque-run fundamentalist Muslim schools across the country are being taught people of different faiths deserve the death penalty and to turn their backs on the values of Dutch society, a joint investigation by current affairs programme Nieuwsuur and newspaper NRC has found.

The researchers looked at teaching materials for different age groups and some 70 hours of audio and video material retrieved from the internet. Much of the material was obtained by journalists posing as potential parents.

They found that punishments in sharia law, for instance for homosexuals and other ‘enemies’, were glorified. Children were asked to answer multiple choice questions about the appropriate punishment, including whipping, stoning and beheading by sword.

Dutch News

Muslims in Australia are being inculcated in the same stew of hate.

A radical, terrorism-backing Sydney cleric who described Jewish people as “descendants of pigs and monkeys” and urged people to “spit on Israel” so that “Jews would drown” is a Saturday school principal teaching sharia to children as young as five.

The Australian can reveal that southwest Sydney cleric Abu Ousayd is the head of an informal Saturday school for children aged five to 12 at Bankstown’s Al Madina Dawah Centre […]

Mr Ousayd has previously ­expressed support for Islamic State and al-Qa’ida, boasted of friendship with terrorists Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, and preached extremist ideology at his now-defunct Al-Risalah ­Islamic Centre, which was frequented by numerous men who committed atrocities in Syria.


All this hate-preaching and indoctrination has results.

A new report reveals that only a quarter of British Muslims recognise Hamas’s role in the acts of murder and rape in Israel on October 7th. A poll commissioned by the Henry Jackson Society, a counter-extremism think-tank, found that 46% of British Muslims said they sympathise with Hamas.

So, that’s nearly half of Britain’s Muslims openly supporting a prescribed terror group, while denying one of the most well-documented atrocities of the past century. Hamas went out of their way to broadcast their blood-soaked cruelty (in contrast to the Nazis, who did everything they could to keep their enormities a strict secret).

The survey also found that just over half (52%) of British Muslims want to make it illegal to show a picture of the Prophet Mohammed, compared to just 16% of the public.

A third of British Muslims (32%) want to see Shariah law implemented in the U.K. versus 9% of the public.

And, once again, the narrative of disadvantage and assimilation is busted wide open.

Younger and well-educated Muslims were the most likely to think Hamas did not commit atrocities on October 7th, with the proportions rising to 47% among 18 to 24 year-olds and 40% among the university-educated.

The Daily Sceptic

In New Zealand, as well, we’ve seen prominent Muslims publicly denying Hamas’ atrocities, claiming that it was all a Mossad conspiracy.

Is this really you, New Zealand?

Former UK Human Rights Commissioner, Trevor Phillips, is at least clear-eyed enough to admit the truth. Muslims in the West, he says, “basically do not want to participate in the way that other people do,” and have radically different views on gender, sexuality, Jews and terrorism. Where once Phillips optimistically believed that Muslims were like previous waves of migrants, who would settle in and acclimatise to Western society, he now admits, “I was wrong”.

Will the rest of the “They are Us”, and “co-exist” bumper-sticker brigade, ever admit it?

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