John Porter

On October the 23rd a majority of New Zealand said they had had enough. The Labour Government of the previous six years was swept from office in a near landslide.

New Zealanders made their views on the future of co-governance quite clear. On election night it was a resounding: ‘We do not want it!’

Thus ending a chaotic and shambolic six years of Labour Government, with the last three years particularly disastrous in regards to appalling fiscal management that saw taxpayer’s money run through Grant Robertson’s hands like water through a sieve and the amplified implementation of the ruinous, ethnically skewed ideology, co-governance.

A collective sigh permeated the nation.

So now we enjoy a new tripartite government consisting of National, ACT and NZ First with Christopher Luxon as our new Prime Minister.

A new government elected to curtail the bureaucratic waste, cease the financial profligacies and, most crucially, terminate the ideological, all-pervading, race-based-advantage and privilege Labour undemocratically conferred on Maori.

There are some political commentators suggesting the damage Labour inflicted on the country is such that it will take a generation to reverse the destruction, and even a few going a step further, proposing the country may be past the point of no return!

If the current government is not re-elected, it just might be!

On the 29th of November 2023, Christopher Luxon laid out the Coalition Government’s plan for its first hundred days, with Mr Luxon stating, “People have put their trust in National, ACT and NZ First to steer them towards a better, more prosperous future.

“New Zealanders voted not only for a change of government, but for a change of policies and a change of approach – and our Coalition Government is ready to deliver that change.”

Too damn right we were ready for a change of policies and a change of approach! Democracy was being brought to its knees and our country was laden down with unprecedented levels of debt.

The forty-nine steps of the plan were completed on the 8th of March with Mr Luxon happily saying – “I think we’ve done a lot. I think we’ve got everything done.”

But the consensus seems to be that you haven’t gone far enough Mr Luxon!

Sure, the MSM are doing their darndest to undermine every little step the coalition makes. If only the media had scrutinised and criticised Labour’s plans and policies the way they are now scrutinising and criticising the current Government, Labour’s failures would have become obvious to many more people sooner.

Unable to accept accountability, the bureaucratic mandarins, by their actions or inaction, are just giving the new government a huge middle finger.

It now looks as if a natural demarcation has evolved within the coalition. Cultivated or organic? We have the Compromisers under Luxon, and the Jettison Co-Governance clique headed by the unlikely bedfellows, Winston Peters and David Seymour.

A consequence of voting strategically by many citizens? Or is this a wily and well-thought-out political manoeuvre?

Either way, Luxon, in particular, is the recipient of most of the criticism.

Many feel Prime Minister Luxon still appears to harbour ideas of support for some forms of co-governance.

I’m seeing a chunk of comments on social media by people who were sick of the separatism and division created by Labour that draws no rebuke, concern or criticism from the Prime Minister. There are elements of appeasement about this Government which are disturbing at the very least.

Others consider he is ignoring or being irrationally blind to the ethnically skewed legislation and assistance afforded to Maori. That was the fundamental motivation for his election. He was charged with attending to and reversing these matters!

But he just doesn’t seem to want to tackle Maori related issues head-on or at all. In the context of dismantling the excesses of “Maorification” he seems to be walking on eggshells.

A classic example of the exasperation levels of his supporters was his rebuke of Winston for saying Maoris are not indigenous. 

There is a growing feeling he is trying desperately not to offend any voting faction. By repeating his mantra “We are working for all New Zealanders” he is actually feeding the co-governance monster behind the scenes.

Look at his recent thirty-six Action Points priority list. Not one focussed directly on the Maori Sovereignty by 2040 agenda. Not even a mention!

A hugely significant issue is currently before the courts. Maori tribal groups are seeking ministerial grants of title to much, if not most, of New Zealand’s coastline. Once everyone’s right to unrestricted access to our beaches is given away, they will be gone forever!

Have you heard Mr Luxon mention this huge challenge?

Mr Luxon, get on and get rid of these dangerous relics of the last Labour Government. New Zealanders are sick of the division and woke agenda, demanding a courageous leader halts the nonsense.

If the strategy is to leave the co-governance fight to Peters and Seymour, that leaves Luxon with taking leadership of the big hurdles, the economy, law and order and education.

Is he making inroads, is he showing the leadership that has been lacking for six years?

Not being a career politician, he is bringing a high achiever, high energy, business-based mindset to managing the country. We all know that has been sorely lacking over the last six years! He has got an agreed government plan and he is implementing it.

He has managed to turn aside most of the fatuous and downright asinine questions from the MSM. But I do feel taking a leaf from Winston’s book and taking a front-foot stance when being interviewed by the lynch mob would be beneficial. While not quite a “rabbit in the headlights” at a press conference, he does give a good impression of a rabbit that can see headlights approaching.

And, sure the MSM and Labour/Green MP’s disparage his thirty-six-point priority plan covering the next three months but what simpleton would criticise government transparency? Transparency was missing in action under Labour! Even TV1’s Maiki Sherman said, “At least you will all know what the government is working on.”

He is roundly criticised by the opposition and social factions who have seen an endless stream of unaccountable funding fall into their hands!

Given the country’s lack of capital for infrastructure or even running the country, Luxon’s policy for overseas capital needs to be successful if he is to get the economy going again and return some positivity to the country.

I have no doubt Luxon and Willis will make positive progress in correcting the financial debacle left behind by Robertson.

Simeon Brown seems to have his hands firmly on the steering wheel of his Transport and Local Government portfolios as does Dr Shane Reti on health.

Regaining control over New Zealand education is essential to regaining our lost standards. The big issue of education that has been handed to Erica Stanford is going to test her abilities. Her reappointment of Iona Holsted as Secretary for Education has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Mark Mitchell on Law and Order? Mmmmmm. Strong talk when in opposition!

But Mr Luxon remains remarkably unscathed from his first five months in charge; his confidence and “can do” attitude are annoying the hell out of the MSM and the opposition doesn’t seem to have woken up from their defeat yet.

But whether you are a Luxon fan or not, we really need to take the time to think about how crucial the re-election of the current Government is for New Zealand.

If we thought it was dire under Ardern and Chippy, how the hell could democracy survive under an ungodly triumvirate of Labour, Greens and the Maori Party?

How the hell could the country survive?

It’s no stretch to visualise Chippy and Marama, arms extended, welcoming Rawiri and Debbie! That would see the Maori Sovereignty by 2040 agenda hit full speed like a runaway locomotive, leaving democracy, free speech and prosperity, flattened in its wake!

Luxon, by assigning the task to Seymour and Peters, will need the coalition to be seen as emphatically thwarting the Maori sovereignty agenda before the next election.

I speculate Chris Luxon is, to a small degree, inconsequential to the success of this coalition. Sure, he will be the frontman, the spokesman, the leader. But Peters and Seymour are going to be fundamentally indispensable for the re-election of the current coalition.

This term of the government will see the aspects of co-governance National campaigned on either partially or wholly addressed but the real hard stuff such as education, the judiciary and the Waitangi Tribunal will be given a big swerve by National.

Only ACT and NZ First have the cojones to address those challenges!

Therefore, a shift in power needs to be engineered in 2026 to deliver a significant increase in ACT and NZF MPs. Greater strategic voting is the only way to achieve that.

That is the only prospect we have of consigning Jackson, Waititi, Tamihere et al and their Maori Sovereignty agenda to the rubbish bin of history, along with all vestiges of race-based privilege and favouritism!

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