Is there any bar so low that Anthony Albanese can’t limbo right under it? He really is the most contemptible excuse for a Prime Minister I’ve seen in my life — and in my half-century or so, I’ve seen some doozies. We’ve seen the venal and the incompetent — but Albanese and his government are a new low in selling out one’s soul to the slime of humanity, just for a few sleazy votes.

Anthony Albanese says there is “no place for violent extremism” and urged Australians to unite after a 16-year-old male was ­arrested for allegedly stabbing an Assyrian Christian orthodox leader in western Sydney in a ­religiously motived terrorist ­attack.

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This is the same Anthony Albanese who has sat on his hands as violent extremism has marched weekly in Australian citizens, screaming anti-Semitic hate. The same Anthony Albanese who has dodged visiting synagogues while the Australian Jewish community is under increasingly violent attack.

Under atttack by Labor voters.

Tellingly, Albanese removed ASIO boss Mike Burgess from a key national security group, just days after Burgess warned that Islamic extremists are our greatest domestic security threat.

Muslims who dominate the Western Sydney seats that Labor desperately needs to retain, to cling onto government.

Labor needs to take a hard look at itself and see whether its own twisted acquiescence and excusing of blatant hate speech have contributed to what we now see in our community.

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Then there’s NSW Labor premier Chris Minns. If this creep isn’t as deplorable as Albanese, it’s merely by degree. Like Albanese, Minns is responding to attacks by Muslims with idiotic witterings about “Islamophobia”.

NSW Premier Chris Minns says the Wakeley bishop attack is still a “combustible situation” but that anyone trying to “get in the way of terrorism investigation” will face the full force of the law.

Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque has been required to increase security after it received fire bomb threats on Monday night.

The Australian

If only police were so quick to protect everyone else from Muslim terror attacks.

If only police acted at all on the relentless hate preached from Sydney’s mosques.

We know that imams in western Sydney in particular have been caught on video praising jihad and calling for death and violence to what they term infidels.

One imam, investigated by NSW Police, said in reference to the Gaza conflict: “Jihad is the only solution.” He was never charged. A few months ago another cleric, Wissam Haddad, gave a “kill Jews” sermon. Again no charges were laid.

Then, just after the October 7 massacre, we witnessed the national disgrace of pro-Palestinian protesters taking over the Sydney Opera House forecourt, burning flags and chanting anti-Semitic slogans. Whether protesters chanted “Gas the Jews” became a point of contention. After weeks of investigation by NSW Police it was concluded protesters actually chanted “Where are the Jews”, as if this was somehow less egregious or softened the offence. No one was charged […]

We now know the terrorist involved was charged by NSW Police and found guilty of a knife crime just three months ago. He was let off on a good behaviour bond in January. He was known to police but was allowed to attack again.

When the law is so conspicuously missing in action, is it any wonder then, that communities under siege from Islamic extremism end up taking the law into their hands?

It’s perhaps little wonder that police – who now appear so compromised and so fearful to offend hate preachers – were unable immediately to quell protests outside the Sydney church on Monday. NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb seems to spend more time trying to recruit spin doctors than she does hunting down hate crime.

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As Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone points out, even after a blatant Islamist terror attack, politicians, police and media can’t bring themselves to tell the truth.

“There needs to be transparency about this. You can’t just say someone came from Western Sydney. Where did he come from?” he told the Today show.

“I think the community has a right to know what’s behind this, why did this youth – he’s not from Fairfield, he travelled into Fairfield to do this. And what’s behind this?”

The Australian

And the pious sanctimony from the Muslim community, in the wake of terror attack after terror attack, rings just as hollow.

Let’s be honest: Australia’s Muslim community harbours hate preachers. Through its silence it is allowing young men to be exposed to radicalisation. This cannot go unaddressed. This cannot be a matter of simple political lip service.

Those same community leaders calling for calm during a period of heightened tension know exactly who is calling for jihad in their mosques and youth centres. Yet nothing meaningful or effective seems to have been done. Perhaps they could’ve also listened to the imam calling for jihad who in the same sermon said “the youth is now boiling with emotions and rage”?

The Australian

As the British investigative series, Undercover Mosque, showed, often the very same people wittering about “co-existence” and “peace” in English, in public, are preaching a very different message in Arabic, behind the closed doors of the mosque. France and Finland are just two European countries which have mooted policies ranging from monitoring mosques and requiring all sermons to be in English.

Don’t rely on shameless, cowardly Labor governments to do anything but continue pandering to their key voting bloc.

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