In recent years, the followers of one religion marched through the streets of Sydney on multiple occasions, demanding, variously, to “Behead those who insult the Prophet”, and to “Gas the Jews!”

The leader of another religion responded to being stabbed in the face, mid-sermon, by praying for his attacker.

Can you guess which was which?

The bishop who was stabbed at a Sydney church on Monday night says he forgives his attacker and is “doing fine” in his first public comments since the assault […]

Bishop Emmanuel also told his community to remember the teachings of Jesus Christ and not retaliate and cooperate with police investigating the assault and subsequent unrest outside.

“I need you to act Christ-like. The Lord Jesus never taught us to fight. The Lord Jesus never taught us to retaliate. The Lord Jesus never said to us, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’.”

ABC Australia

And yet the media, the ABC especially, are going out of their way to character-assassinate the bishop.

The same way they character-assassinated historian Geoffrey Blainey. Who, as we’re now learning to our regret, was unfortunately right all along.

How has the relatively cohesive society of a few decades back, come to this: a neurotic nation of tribes, as foreseen by Geoffrey Blainey long ago, whose discontents are exacerbated by hatreds imported from overseas and inflamed by cultural Marxist stereotypes of oppressors and oppressed […?]

While the vast majority of migrants chose to come to Australia because they want to join us, rather than to change us, there’s no doubt that large-scale migration does indeed change host countries; and it’s not automatically for the better, especially if newcomers fail to integrate swiftly into the mainstream.

Beginning in the 1970s, successive governments peddled the new cult of Multiculturalism. The old ideals of assimilation were thrown aside in favour of ethnic ghetto-isation. “The least adaptable,” as poet Les Murray wrote, become the “the purest then, the narrowest the most multicultural”.

Other than today’s tick-a-box citizenship test, instead of stressing integration into a common civic culture based on shared Judaeo-Christian values, there are vacuous slogans such as “our unity is our diversity”; and that’s when we’re not actually apologising for two centuries of colonialism and injustice.

It’s little wonder some recent migrants have come to disrespect a society that proclaims it’s racist and a country that flies the national flag almost apologetically alongside two other flags based on racial ancestry.

Naturally, this has all gone into overdrive since the advent of the Albanese government, with more than 80 local councils now allowed to refuse to mark Australia Day with citizenship ceremonies.

If our elites refuse to believe in our country, why would migrants whose worldview dismisses us as “infidels”?

NSW Premier Chris Minns wasn’t wrong this week when he described us as a society “on edge”. That’s exactly what happens when an aggressive minority disproves long-held assumptions that ethnic and ideological extremism is a thing of the past, especially when authorities seem ambivalent or confused about how to deal with it.

Or, worse, determined to exploit it for cheap electoral gain.

There are now 13 Labor-held federal seats where the Muslim vote exceeds 10 per cent; in some seats, such as that of frontbencher Jason Clare, it’s as high as 35 per cent. In another example of the moral equivalence that now dogs these issues, the knifing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel generated more official concern about the overvigorous reaction of his par­ishioners as about the terrorist attack itself […]

By preferencing the causes of a minority, rather than the standards and values of the majority, Australia is now a tinder box.

The Australian

And our elites, from the Prime Minister down, are throwing around lit matches.

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