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As stated before – with good advice and superb help – I have been able to process a data set that has information and ranks every high school in NZ on:

  • Level 3 NCEA results – UE results.
  • Retention until 17 yo.
  • Comparisons of deciles and attendance by decile.

The information is a condemnation of the oversight of the Ministry/ERO and also of a complete lack of aspiration and inspiration from politicians and other leaders (for instance, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner refuses to even look at the data).

Media interest in it is growing and many schools are buying the data to be able to plan to improve.

The NZ Herald published an opinion piece from me on Tuesday, and yesterday Richard Prebble wrote this.

More press coverage is coming and every electorate MP should know where their schools stand.

Education and family are the two major hubs of an outstanding future for our beautiful nation. We have a public education system to bring education to all without fear or favour. At present, the Ministry and the system are not fit for purpose and all trends are in the wrong direction.

Two stats should blow your mind (and there are plenty more):

  • Only 35.7% of our most needy students (Decile 1) are attending school regularly.
  • There are three pretty much brand spanking new (within the last 10 years), expensive to establish, decile 10 schools which have UE results bettered by many, many schools of lower decile – including decile 1.

I’m happy to talk more and look through the data with interested parties.

Enquiries for the data set to: [email protected]

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The State of the NZ Education System
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