The NZ Herald wins the BFD award for FAKE headline of the day with this doozy…

The BFD. FAKE headline of the day. Source: NZ Herald

Reading that headline objectively the average reader would expect the article to be about the deaths of six people from Covid-19.

It is a deliberately misleading headline as not one of the six people died from COVID-19.

Even if a reader worked out from the headline that RSV was what caused the deaths they would still blame the COVID-19 virus for somehow weakening our immune systems which is not the case at all.

This is typical of the media. They blame Covid-19 for consequences that should rightly be laid at the feet of the lockdowns, social distancing and Jacinda Ardern.

The decision to lock us down and stop people from living their normal lives is what killed our economy, prevented us from gaining immunity to all the other bugs out there and killed people by preventing them from getting urgent medical test results and accessing life-saving treatment for cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

The headline could just as easily read:

Cancer: 30 Dead in Auckland as COVID-19 Takes Its Toll on Medical Services

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Fake Headline of the Day
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

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