Sir Bob Jones

Thank God young women don’t read newspapers.

I refer to a Stuff site, so-called news-item showing a photo of a Hawkes Bay saturated looking bearded bugger called James Crow.

If our young women read this item we’d witness the Riot Control Police with back-up forces and possibly the army needed, outside the Hawkes Bay Lesbian Recruitment Centre, as every one of our females fought to enlist, and who could possibly blame them? For it transpired the drowning Crow was “shocked” at his new number plates bearing the letters NGR.

These he (presumably) felt were too likely to be interpreted as an abbreviation of that sinful word “negro”.

For the record, negro is the correct ethnic term for African blacks. North America’s Negro Improvement, Arts and other bodies date back to the 19th century and remain active today.

I have a suggestion for James Crow. He could pay to have his personal number plates and the obvious name would be Jim Crow. The irony of that doubtless will be lost on him.

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