Terry Dunleavy
Hon Secretary,
New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

I have just finished reading Five Things Judith Collins has said on Climate Change on Stuff, and my message for its new CEO Sinead Boucher is that if this is an example of journalistic standards of accuracy, enlightenment and fairness, then she paid too much. It is not worth even one solitary cent.

Stuff’s planned and deliberate bias and misinformation of the reality of climate behaviour is not just a disgrace to our once honoured profession but it is a gross breach of the well recognised C P Scott principle:

“comment is free but facts are sacred”.  

They should all be bloody well ashamed of themselves, and take the trouble to learn (and report!) the facts about observed and historically recorded natural cycles of climate behaviour. 

As an aside, I wonder which carbon it is that James Shaw wants to reduce to zero? Diamonds or graphite, or perhaps that carbon black in your printers’ ink? Between Stuff and James Shaw, they can’t even correctly identify the trace gas carbon dioxide, without which there would be no life on Earth. What a pack of ignorant no-hopers!

The BFD.

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