The following letter has been sent to various MSM print outlets as well as CoL politicians.

It was entirely predictable that we would get sensational alarmist reporting from the UN IPCC this week.  We get similar stories every year and especially before each convention where Al Gore and Leonardo Dicaprio fly in on their private jets along with 25,000 other groupies and rip-off merchants.

They want to frighten us into compliance with their blatant and wasteful fraud. Madrid will be special because COP25 is where they want to set a global carbon tax that 97% of the people who live on earth violently disagree with. The poor will pay the price of the USD1-1.5 trillion fraud as it grows ever bigger. 

This year they have good reason for urgency. After all, the temperature above the North Pole set an all-time low record this Northern winter and the USA had the coldest and wettest winter in over 100 years. Now noctilucent clouds are forming over Antarctica due to the intense cold that signals an all-time record cold there too ( ). Earth’s Thermosphere is thinning and cooling. They say that the level of atmospheric CO2 is up to 408ppm at the end of 2018. So let me see, that means it has risen by 13% from 1998 which was actually an extremely hot year due to the extraordinary El Nino event that year.

The earth did have another big El Nino event in 2016  where the temperature reached 0.1 degrees C higher than in 1998 but since then the temperature of the lower atmosphere (where we live) has fallen. (You can check this graph at the link above).  So I take UN IPCC reports with a grain of salt. 

Arguably the global average temperature has gone up in the 20 years to 2018 by…zero. So we have a climate emergency in which CO2 goes up and the temperature doesn’t…so go figure. That is the UN IPCC’s trick. It is that time of the year where I need to give you journos four intensely important treats to shake your confidence in the guys who put your news in its Orwellian straight-jacket. 

First, treat… I have been using 412, 413 and 415ppm at various times already because those are the figures I have been getting from the NOAA commentaries. But it really doesn’t matter because atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been proven to have no significant effect on atmospheric temperature. On the contrary, there is good evidence that temperature drives atmospheric CO2 levels due to the out-gassing of the ocean when it warms, and the absorption of atmospheric CO2 when the oceans cool. 

Second, treat… The time has come when the solar cycles have changed from the most active eleven-year solar cycles in over 4,000 years during the 20th century (which are the likeliest cause of much of the warming since the end of “The Little Ice Age” in 1850 AD), to the start of a considerably less active cycle called a “Grand Solar Minimum”.  During the eleven-year solar cycles numbered 24 and 25  when the temperature pause began after 1998, the reaction of the fraudsters pushing the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory was to alter the temperature data to make it look a lot hotter.  They were caught in the whistleblower release of emails from the Climate Research Unit of The University of East Anglia that showed their intent. “Climategate” took place ten years ago and because it suited the politicians, the fraudsters were never punished. So the fraudsters still fiddle with the old temperature records to suit their bankrupt narrative – even today. 

Third treat… In 2019 NASA and NOAA met and agreed with all invited solar researchers that solar cycle 25 would be very inactive and that the world would cool for the duration of sc25.  Naturally, the lead solar and space weather researchers have known about this coming event for years. The climate strategies of Russia and China are based on the return of a 200-year cooling cycle this year which was last seen during the “Dalton Minimum” of the 18th-19th centuries. The manifestation of this change came by shortened growing seasons that only became noticeable in 2017 and 2018; but which has become a true “cold climate crop loss disaster” in 2019. Watch it unfold and weep! 

Fourth treat… While NASA and NOAA have been rather reluctant to embrace the notion that it is the solar cycles driving earth’s climate (they have after all been an integral part of the climate change fraud since its outset in the 1980’s), most solar scientists and astro-physicists believe we are now headed for either a 33 year cooling event like the “Dalton Minimum” or a 70 year event like the “Maunder Minimum”. 

The government crop reports are not yet in for the harvest that just ended amongst the Northern hemisphere floods and blizzards.  But the stats will likely be given a good spin to avoid upsetting the politicians and fraudsters behind the Great Global Warming Fraud. Even so, by the time one or two years like 2019 have come and gone, there will be no-one left to defend the fraud. 

What if I am wrong?… Well, I am just a simple fraud investigator and energy investor who is not impressed by the legions of people benefiting from the Great Global Warming Fraud. I use analysis of the information provided by everyone and I start by believing none of it. I am retired and would prefer to be proven wrong because history has taught us that 20 times as many people die during cold times as in warm. Otherwise, I just don’t care.

No-one will go to jail in New Zealand because there are too many well-paid folks in exalted positions feeding at the trough that this silly business provides. A grand solar minimum will probably empty the trough and kill off many innocent folks. The fraud that has endured for 40 years will end when there is a ripeness of time for it to do so – like all frauds from the “South Sea Bubble” to Bernie Maddoff.  I sometimes hope it will die from natural causes, rather than in a courtroom but I am just one of the millions of sceptics that you folk marginalise whenever it suits your purpose.  I just wouldn’t like you to be too surprised if/when I do pounce. 

Yours sincerely  

John Rofe

A Concerned Citizen


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