By Mark

Pretty shocking headline isn’t it!  How dare I! How could I cast such a slur over the darling of the climate change activist movement?  What could I possibly look to that would back up such a ludicrous conclusion?

Thank you for asking. Allow me to present my evidence. Before I do, please understand I don’t generally do politics, but my concerns mean I might have to. I have parents and in-laws, who are about the same age as Greta’s grandparents would be, that I love dearly. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to them due to the side effects of bad policies.

I cannot read Greta’s mind, so I am more than happy to believe she is sincere like so many who have bought into the Greenie ideology going around these days. But we must ask, how is it working out in the real world? One not governed by the utopian delusions of the political tree-huggers.

Greta advocates for environmentally sustainable energy sources.  Nice sounding idea, but what are the side effects? The biggest one is sky rocketing power prices, despite political promises to the contrary.  

Wind, rain and sun just aren’t reliable, so coal, gas and nuclear power plants need to remain on “hot standby” (effectively still running) in case Mother Earth needs to go to the loo and can’t steer clouds around solar panels all the time. So, there is no money saved. Just extra construction and infrastructure costs.

Who does this affect the worst? The poor and the elderly. There are already so many horror stories about them turning off heaters because they cannot pay power bills and suffering from pneumonia or other winter chills. At least the young have the physiology to cope. The old don’t. They have quite often finished up in hospital and died years before their time.

But even that’s not the biggie.

The biggie is the government control and socialist restructuring required to implement all the fearmongering global environmental targets that people like Greta support. How has that worked out in the past? Who was it that said, “those who don’t learn from history will repeat it?” It was George Santayana in 1906.

Once large numbers of people start losing jobs, after socialist controls over anything remotely affecting the environment start bankrupting free market economies, the government is going to get one epic social welfare bill, without the economic activity to generate the money to pay for it.

Couple that with the medical bill that mass sickness because the elderly and others are unable to heat their homes (if they even get reliable electricity), and the government is going to fast run out of ethical options to cut costs.

There is one solution to this that has been seen before throughout history. Euthanasia. Economically it’s too easy. Suddenly there are trillions of dollars available to do other things to alleviate (or at least delay) suffering in other areas and to pacify angry voters.

Maybe that’s why some politicians are not quite as outraged by euthanasia as they used to be: once they see what the money saved on elderly care could do elsewhere. It’s too politically easy to justify it on the grounds of “alleviating suffering,” at least initially, then slowly slide down the slippery slope, allowing other excuses for it behind the scenes.

You don’t think they would dare do this? They will. They will have to. The alternative will either be being voted out for bankrupting the country or being booted out for not having the balls to make tough decisions.

I’m sure Greta herself would shudder to think of this. I’m sure she has grandparents whom she loves and who love her. I am sure the thought of them dying or being euthanised in a socialist dystopia would be unbearable.

Just like the thought of a loved one dying in a car crash caused by my bad driving would be unbearable to me. The problem is, once I have entered that corner too fast and started slipping off the road it’s too late. Braking, steering, accelerating only changes which side of the car goes over the edge first.

To avoid the accident, you must anticipate what could go wrong and slow down earlier.  In the same way, we need to look at where Greenie scaremongering is taking us politically and select reverse sooner rather than later. By the time it’s all set up, and the desperate political elite run out of money and need to start taking the knife to their darling social programmes, it will be too late.