Black American scholar Wilfred Reilly repeatedly points out the yawning gap between the “narrative” — what Americans believe about America — and the reality. Most of the divide is due entirely to wildly inaccurate media representation.

For instance, surveys show that Americans believe that about 25% of Americans are homosexual. The real number is around 4.5%.

Americans believe (depending on whether they themselves are black or white) that between 50-20% of Americans are black. The real number is 13%.

They believe that Jews are 30% of the US population (real figure: 2%).

Conversely, they believe that only 58% of Americans are Christian: in reality, it’s 70%. Americans are also not 30% atheists (reality: 3%). More Americans (89%) have at least a high school diploma, but Americans believe that only 65% do.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? The media-elite are perpetuating a narrative they want to believe: one which is at stark odds with reality.

In few instances is this more true than in the issue of mass shootings.

“Why are mass shooters overwhelmingly white men?” asks the Chicago Tribune. Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper doesn’t even put it up for question: “Mass Shooters Are Almost Always White Men,” it confidently asserts. So does The Conversation: “[M]ass shooters tend to be young white men”.

NBC goes even further, lacing the lie with a slew of racist, anti-white narratives: : “‘White heterosexual male entitlement fuses with downward mobility, subordinated masculinity, and other disappointing life course events’ to lead mass shooters to carry out their attacks.”

Do liberals actually care about mass shootings or do they just hate white men?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

The reason the left media believes such an obvious lie is because they keep peddling them — and hiding the inconvenient facts.

Did you know there was a mass shooting in Indianapolis over the weekend? I briefly saw it on a news crawl, but didn’t hear another word about it, so, by Monday, I assumed I had dreamt it.

Nope. There was a real mass shooting, sending seven kids aged 12 to 17 to the hospital, one in critical condition. The gunfire came from a group of juveniles gathered outside a shopping mall in downtown Indianapolis Saturday night.

The New York Times didn’t report the shooting.

Of course, they didn’t. Because they were obeying Ann Coulter’s Law: the longer it takes the news media to identify a mass shooter in the United States, the less likely it is to be a white male. If they refuse to report the shooting at all, you just know it’s a black person.

I say “almost certainly black” because kids as young as 12 were out on a downtown city street, unsupervised, at 11:36 p.m. the night before Easter; a Google search of “Indianapolis mugshots shootings” looks like Gemini’s artificial intelligence version of a Founding Father; and also — the Times didn’t mention it.

Luckily for the kids, police were on the scene in about 10 seconds. Twenty-five officers happened to be patrolling downtown on account of this being the third consecutive weekend in Indianapolis with a mass shooting.

The previous weekend’s gunplay left one man dead and five wounded; the earlier shooting also killed one and wounded five. The Times didn’t report those incidents either.

By contrast, last August, the Times was all over a shooting at a Jacksonville, Florida, dollar store. I’m not sure why …

I’m sure you’ve already guessed. And you just know what line the reporting took:

Subhead: “Three people, all Black, were fatally shot in a dollar store before the gunman, a white man, killed himself.”

First sentence: “A white gunman shot and killed three Black people in a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Fla., on Saturday afternoon. He then shot and killed himself.”

Indeed, the article mentioned “white” eight times, even throwing in an extraneous story of evil whites from 63 years ago. (“Sunday was the 63rd anniversary of Ax Handle Saturday, when white supremacists severely beat a group of mostly Black civil rights activists.”)

It’s not just the American media, of course. New Zealand media play the same game: read any random report of violence or mayhem: does it keep the perpetrator/s race strictly secret? Then you just know who it is. On the other hand, if a white (or even more likely, “pakeha”) is the crim, you just know that’s going to be harped on, ad nauseam.

So, what are the real statistics on mass shooters?

A Times‘ compilation of some of the mass shootings in 2022 listed 25 gunmen in 19 separate incidents. Of the 25 mass shooters, 17 were black, five were white (one nonbinary and one in a dress), one was Asian and one was Hispanic. The Times gave the race of only two of the perpetrators.

GUESS WHICH ONES. Yes, white and white. Is there any chance the Times‘ list excluded any mass shootings with white gunmen?

I’m not even counting the shootings that any normal person would assume, unless informed otherwise, were perpetrated by whites, such as one at a Walmart, one at the University of Virginia and one at “a community event and car show in the small Arkansas farming community.” C’mon, that last one has to be a white guy!

In fact, all three gunmen were black. But the Times decided the race of the perpetrator wasn’t relevant in those cases.

The media’s constant lying about matters racial isn’t just a damning failure of journalistic truth-telling, it has disastrous consequences for the very people the media claim to care so much about.

The coddling of black criminals in response to the BLM movement has been a blood-soaked disaster […]

So far, the main accomplishment of #BLM has been to inspire a mind-boggling surge in black violence, creating thousands more murdered Americans than before #BLM. Four thousand more, in 2020 alone, according to researchers […]

Any black person who is more worried about his child being killed by the police than another black is an idiot. But I don’t believe any normal black person does believe that. Joy Ann Reid probably believes it. Yamiche Alcindor believes it. And everyone who reads The New York Times believes it.


And remember the Constanza Principle: It’s not a lie, if YOU believe it.

As C. S. Lewis wrote, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive”. Those who lie about the facts of black criminality do so with the full approval of their lying consciences.

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