As I wrote recently, Australia’s legal elites seem determined to prove beyond all reasonable doubt what a colossal conga-line of asses they really are. First, there was the pro-Hamas “open letter” peddled by a cretinous collective of legal scholars, activists and lawyers. The High Court really upped the ante, though, when it ordered the immediate release of nearly 100 foreign child molesters, violent rapists and murderers.

Of course, the legal asses aren’t buggering the country all unassisted: they’ve got the political left braying along with them.

When Labor and its Green partners in crime were busily dismantling the Howard-era border protection laws, they sneered at the idea that criminals and other assorted undesirables would use Australia’s newly open borders to slither in for good, with the connivance of taxpayer-funded immigration lawyers.


Three murders [sic] are among 81 foreigners released into the community from immigration detention following a recent decision by the High Court, according to Australia’s immigration minister.

It comes after the High Court on Nov 8 ruled that detaining stateless people indefinitely was unlawful, overturning a 2004 precedent. However, the reasons behind the ruling haven’t been revealed.

The Epoch Times

They’re only ‘stateless’ because no one else wants the scumbags, either. So, that means Australia has to be the donkey? Gee, thanks, High Court!

And what’s the PM doing about it? Buggering off overseas for the umpteenth time, naturally.

Peter Dutton told parliament that Anthony Albanese “has left the country to go to San Francisco to meet with executives when community safety is at risk from 84 hard-core criminals that have been released”.

He asked Richard Marles, in the Prime Minister’s absence, whether the government would contact the victims of the 84 released detainees, or their families.

The Australian

The problem is, though, that the political left, like the High Court, thinks that the “real victims” are the poor widdle foreign kiddy-rapers and granny-bashers.

Among the wave of refugees recently released were three murderers and several sex offenders, [Immigration Minister Andrew Giles] noted.

One of them was Sirul Azhar Umar, a Malaysian bodyguard to former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak.

He was convicted of murdering a pregnant Mongolian woman and dismembering her dead body with military-grade explosives.

He faced a sentence of being hanged by a Malaysian court in 2015 but escaped his penalty by fleeing to Australia and was being held in a detention centre for nine years.

Mr Umar applied for asylum in 2019, but his claim was rejected.

While he had been released, the Australian government couldn’t deport Mr Umar to Malaysia as he would face the death penalty.

Sounds to me like exactly the reason he should be deported.

Details of the other two convicted of murder have not been revealed. Meanwhile, Deputy Opposition Leader Sussan Ley pointed to the case of Afghan-born Aliyawar Yawari, a sex predator who had a history of attacking elderly women […]

Another released detainee, a man from Myanmar known as NZYQ by court order, had served jail time for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in Sydney. He reportedly told a judge that his action was “culturally acceptable” in his homeland.

Which is true enough, shockingly (look up Bacha Bazi, I dare you). Indeed, in another case, a judge in Victoria ruled that it was reason enough to let off an Afghan refugee who tried to molest two boys at a swimming pool. The poster boy for multiculturalism went on to try and steal a little girl, and repeatedly loiter around kids’ sports games, before doing the world a favour and self-immolating.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said the Commonwealth argued against the High Court decision but said the Albanese government was “prepared for the outcome due to the significance of this case.”

The Epoch Times

So prepared, in fact, that the opposition is having to do all their work for them.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles has told Question Time that the government agrees “in principle” to the opposition’s amendments to its emergency measures to protect the public from criminals released from immigration detention following last week’s High Court decision.

The Deputy PM is having to deal with it, of course, because ‘Airbus Albo’ is dealing with difficult challenges in his time-honoured fashion: scuttling off overseas, yet again.

In an answer to a question from Peter Dutton, Mr Marles said the government had been working co-operatively with the opposition on its six amendments, which include making curfews and monitoring mandatory for the cohort and preventing them from working with children and vulnerable people.

The Australian

Because apparently just giving them a one-way ticket back to Backwardistan isn’t an option in these ‘progressive’ times.

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