Elon Musk has had a win over the Australian government in a federal court decision to overturn a ban on videos of the Sydney church stabbing.

The judge chose not to extend a temporary order for the social media platform X to hide videos of the terrorist attack globally online.

Under Australia’s Online Safety Act, eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant filed an injunction to force the platform to take down more than 60 instances of the footage showing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanual being stabbed during an online sermon in April.

Authorities suspected the teen attacker was motivated by religious extremism.

While X agreed to “geoblock” the posts — meaning Australians could no longer see them — it refused the eSafety Commissioner’s global removal notice and vowed to challenge it.

Musk also threatened to sue, sparking a war of words with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who called him an “arrogant billionaire”.

However, today, Justice Geoffrey Kennett said: “The orders of the court will be that the application to extend is refused.”


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