The fuss which has exploded throughout the land over the cancellation of the Sunday television show has been greeted by New Zealand’s ‘thinking’ people (i.e. pretty much just me) with quizzical incomprehension. Sunday was always just the usual left-wing prime-time show designed to push commie viewpoints or to scold ordinary people for not adhering to the commie viewpoint. The notion it was a “current affairs show” is a stretch, rather like suggesting Broadway theatre casting directors watch “Dancing With The Stars” to discover new talent for the chorus line.

On the infrequent occasions I watched Sunday, what was dished up was (amongst other things) a profile of a singer called “Willie Moon” – destined for stardom, apparently; according to his Wikipedia profile that never happened. Presumably, he was part of the Ponsonby Road “in”-crowd, hence being profiled. Then there was the item about green turtles and plastic – a marvellous opportunity to scold you for using plastic. Add in stories about ‘teenage loneliness’ (whatever that is); Russian orphans seeking their birth parents; various failed Labour party leaders who were all the “Greatest Prime Ministers We Never Had Because Hate-filled Racists Voted Tory”, and you get the general idea of what the Sunday show was ever about.

I bet if you got hold of an episode list going back 22 years not a single story would be on that list celebrating a National party leader, rich white folks, pioneering early settlers making a nation, hardworking small businessmen; nor shows calling out criminals, even worse ‘Maori’ criminals and parasitical welfare bludgers who’ve been on benefits for 30 years. And let’s not get carried away thinking there would ever – in a million years – be a show investigating whether we’d be better off without (ahem) “certain types” of people in the country.

Helen Clark has crawled out of a sewer to describe Sunday‘s demise as “shameful”; no, Helen, what is shameful is there being a woke ‘urban liberal’ commie current affairs show in the first place. And paid for by taxpayer dollars, where National and ACT voters (Labour, Green and Maori party voters are – of course – not actually taxpayers) see their money being wasted on childish propaganda, which didn’t even work too well in the end due to the show finally being put out of our misery.

So whilst everyone outside of the “usual suspects” is yawning why are the media pretending something particularly important is taking place? That it is the death of the nation?

Could it be impending unemployment and all the high-paying “communications” jobs already having been taken and various corporates (owned and run by Tory voters) are not particularly keen on hiring Labour-voting lackeys to do to their company what they did to TV3 and TVNZ? The spectre of fruit picking, street sweeping, or high school teaching as their future being the real ‘tragedy’ which saw the tears flowing?

“…telling the stories important to Kiwis...” – I think not; Kiwis want to see stories about All Blacks, not effeminate victims of bullying; about unsolved whodunnit murders, not some prat who designs women’s knickers; about successful people doing well, not about whining assorted losers.

As I have said before in response to the hand-wringing about the media dominos falling, the only thing they haven’t tried is to become the Kiwi version of Fox News – right-wing, conservative, with lots of blood sports at the expense of left-wingers. The sooner that happens, the sooner they can make vast sums in profits and enjoy a rosy future. There is no “Option 3”.

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