The ability of people to deafen themselves to what they don’t want to hear is astonishing. Hence, when debating with rainbow groomers, they will invariably respond with ‘those things never happen’. Similarly, they invariably steadfastly refuse to countenance that public school teachers might be more prolific abusers than even priests.

(Which doesn’t mean, it must be drearily repeated, that all or even most teachers are abusers. Of course not, and neither were or are the vast majority of priests. Yet one group is repeatedly smeared, while the other remain all but sainted, at least by the left.)

But here’s just a roundup of some of the cases of both behaving badly in just the last month or so.

First, the teachers.

Madison Bergmann, the Wisconsin teacher busted for allegedly “making out” with an 11-year-old in her classroom, allegedly moved the victim’s desk next to hers so that she could touch him during class without the other students seeing.

As predators will, it was their little secret, even if others noticed something was awry.

“My daughter thought he was a problem kid,” another student’s mom told The Post. “She said that his desk got moved next to [Bergmann’s] a couple of months ago, and she just assumed that he was in trouble.

“When it was time for lunch, she’d ask him to stay after class,” the mom continued, “so that just fed into the idea that he was constantly getting into trouble.”

The alleged victim told cops a similar story […]

The boy also confirmed to police that Bergmann would have him stay after class.

After overhearing a “troubling” phone call between the teacher and the child, his parents confiscated his phone and read his text messages.

In one text, according to the complaint, Bergmann told the boy that she “wanted to just grab your face and push you to the floor and make out with you” […] “In her notes she tells him that she loves him, wants to kiss him, he turns her on, and that she is obsessed with him,” the complaint says.

New York Post

What’s disturbingly notable about the escalating wave of cases of teacher abuse coming to light is the prevalence of women. Formerly, females have been by far the minority of predators appearing in official statistics.

A federal judge threw a teacher accused of sexually abusing a mentally ill student behind bars after finding she violated strict bail conditions and poses “a real danger to the community.”

Sandy Carazas-Pinez, 34, a former NYC public school teacher, is charged with engaging in multiple sexual acts in her car with a 16-year-old boy – one of her students at a city-funded Yonkers school for kids with special needs – and producing child porn.

It is one of the most horrific cases of sexual abuse by a New York educator in recent history.

New York Post

Whoa – now that’s saying something.

And there’s no show without Tranny Punch – or, in one case at least, Tranny Dracula.

A transgender woman who identifies as a vampire has been convicted of sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled girl – while already under investigation for allegedly strangling a man “possessed by a demon.”

Of course, by “transgender woman”, they mean ‘weirdo man in a dress’.

Adam Hetke, 35, who goes by the name “Sabrina,” was convicted in Wisconsin last week of first-degree sexual assault by threatening the use of a dangerous weapon and second-degree assault of a mentally ill victim, GMToday reported.

Hetke was already a convicted sex offender – and under investigation for a homicide, with charges only filed since the disturbed attacker was busted for the sex assault.

Reporting of Hetke’s earlier crimes plainly uses his real name and gender. This suggests that, like so many predators lately, Hetke ‘transitioned’ some time after a criminal conviction.

The convicted sex offender, who was released from prison in November 2020, also faces charges in an open homicide case in Milwaukee, GMToday reported.

[He] was arrested on a tentative charge of first-degree intentional homicide in the April 2021 death of Vydale Thompson-Moody, a 28-year-old who had a cognitive disability, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

New York Post

Finally, there’s the jaw-droppingly brazen attempt by another tranny nutbar. Unusually, too, the offender is a female “identifying as male”.

Disturbing footage has emerged capturing the chilling moments as children fled in terror when a transgender sex offender allegedly attempted to snatch a child from Black Forest Hills Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.

According to CBS Colorado, the surveillance video leading to the arrest of Solomon Galligan, 33, was revealed to families on Monday. Dante White, a parent of one of the children involved, described the experience of watching the footage as deeply distressing, confirming the severity of the situation.

The footage depicts a figure, later identified as Galligan, holding a blanket walking near a fence as children play during recess. As the suspected abductor approaches, the children react by running away, some shouting “Stranger danger.” The video then shows Galligan lunging at one of the children with a blanket, almost succeeding in grabbing them before stumbling and losing grip.

International Business Times

But remember: these things never happen!

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