It’s been a wild couple of weeks for the rule of law in Australia. Police in NSW ignored a Muslim mob chanting “Gas the Jews”, but arrested a Jewish man trying to attend a vigil for the slaughtered of October 7. Then, while Australia’s remaining Holocaust survivors issued an open letter warning against the rise of anti-Semitism, three hundred high-level lawyers and legal scholars issued a competing open letter, sympathising with the slaughterers of Palestine and condemning the Jewish state.

Now, as if determined to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the law is indeed a colossal ass, the High Court has ordered the immediate release of nearly one hundred foreign child molesters, violent rapists and murderers.

Aliyawar Yawari is a violent sex predator with a record of attacking elderly women in their own homes so chilling a judge branded him “a danger to the Australian community”.

One of his victims was bashed in the neck with a walking stick after being indecently assaulted.

But on Monday, as he embraced his sudden freedom, Yawari was the face of a federal government dilemma following a landmark High Court ruling that has released him and dozens of other criminals from long-term immigration detention.

The predator doesn’t seem much “reformed”, either.

Standing outside the modest Perth City Motel on the city’s eastern outskirts, the 65-year-old said he was happy to be free but told reporters he had been jailed for “fighting” – giving little hint of the gravity of his crimes that saw him spend four years in prison and another five years in immigration detention.

Yawari had looked destined to be deported, but the High Court decision – overturning a 20-year precedent – has now changed that

The Australian

Gee, thanks, High Court!

Also among the upstanding exemplars of Multiculturalism set loose in the community are child rapists and hit-men.

The High Court challenge was initiated by one “NZYQ” — Australians aren’t even allowed to know the names of the predators set loose in their midst — a Rohingya man who raped a 10-year-old boy. But he’s a “refugee”, the Court ruled, and as we all know, “refugee rights” are the golden trump card for predators and grifters. Just like Ali Jafar, the creepy Afghan “refugee” repeatedly caught and turned loose again after trying to abduct and molest children, while judges wittered about “cultural differences”.

In the end, Jafar did the world a favour and self-immolated.

If only the High Court had ordered that the foreign predators it turned loose be handed a can of petrol and a box of matches each, as they were released.

Instead, it’s their innocent Australian victims who are forced to live in fear.

When the man who raped Sonya at her work was released on parole, she was told he would “never be free in Australia” as he would be held indefinitely in immigration detention.

But on Saturday Queensland police called Sonya, telling her that her rapist, Mohammad Rafiq, would be released after the high court’s landmark decision last week that it is unlawful to hold those with no realistic prospect of deportation.

“They have been released into Brisbane city … I don’t think I’m fully safe, knowing that he is somewhere, I don’t know where,” said Sonya, who asked not to use her real name […]

Sonya says there is “a little too much emphasis on the victimhood of the perpetrators” who were held in immigration detention indefinitely rather than “the victims themselves, people who have lifelong damage” from criminal conduct.

The Guardian

So, what’s the government doing to protect Australians from the consequences of the left’s open borders zealotry?

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles confirmed 80 people had already been released on “appropriate” visa conditions as of Sunday night, with expectations 93 or more individuals will eventually be allowed to live in the community.

Just to prove that the colossal asses aren’t just sitting on the High Court benches:

Government sources said none of the individuals in the cohort were subject to an adverse security assessment or were considered a national security risk.

The Australian

Only a risk to grannies and children — and who cares about them?

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