5th March 2021

When I send my reports in, I try to stick to reporting and not editorialise too much, tempting though it is. In the interest of fairness and balance I feel that it is appropriate to give some alternative views of the situation in Myanmar.

Groups of bombers are seen involving among the rioters, according to the statement of the Myanmar Police Force.

According to the statement, security forces had to disperse a group of violent protesters in the corner of Baho street and Phyapon street in Sanchoung Township around 10 am on 3 March.

The incident was monitored by CCTV cameras and found to be rioters armed with two weapons believed to be smoke grenades. According to CCTV footage, the guns were of two different types and fired by a group of six people.

According to an analysis of the incident, the protesters were no longer in the normal stage of the protest but were armed with explosive devices and resorted to violence, and the injuries were attributed to security forces.—MNA.

Source The Global New Light of Myanmar 5th March 2021.

Regular readers of my reports will remember me writing about the release of 25,000 prisoners from prison and how they could act as Agents Provocateur. They were being paid 5,000 Kyats per day (about NZ$5) by the Military.

 The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement organized a coordination meeting over cooperation with UN and INGOs yesterday.
During the meeting, Union Minister Dr Thet Thet Khine discussed the importance of MoU and LoA with NGOs and INGOs, international technical assistance and best practice and financial assistance of international organizations.

Then, Deputy Minister U Aung Tun Khine presented plans for sustainable relation between UN and international organizations and the Assistant Secretary briefed processes for MoU and LoA for technical assistance.

Then, the Director of Social Welfare and other officials of relevant departments presented about the organizations which completed MoU, LoA, LTA, Project Agreement and Workplan.

The Deputy Minister then instructed to inspect the beneficiaries through the work with NGOs and INGOs and to adopt monitoring and evaluation system. –MNA

Source The Global New Light of Myanmar 5th March 2021.

Not quite the feedback I am getting from NGOs etc.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs donated the alms to the monks and nuns residing in the monasteries and nunneries in Tatkon Township in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.

The donation ceremony was attended by Sayadaw Abhidhaza Maharatta Guru Bhaddanta Asinna, Principal Speaker of Mahasihanada Pariyatti School and Sayadaws, Union Minister for Religious Affairs U Ko Ko, the Permanent Secretary, Directors – General and officials.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs donated a total of 214 rice bags for the 1,015 monks and 382 nuns residing in 16 monasteries and 7 nunneries in Pobbathiri Township and Pyinmana Township on 19 February. A total of 145 rice bags was presented to a total of 502 monks and 517 nuns residing in 9 monasteries and 4 nunneries in Lewe Township on 2 March 2021.

A total of 144 rice bags were donated to 709 monks and 169 nuns residing in 19 monasteries and 5 nunneries in Tatkon Township yesterday.—MNA.

Source The Global New Times of Myanmar 5th March 2021.

It has been estimated that there are 533,000 monks and 60,000 nuns in Myanmar.

Although announcements are being released regarding the destructive elements behind the protests, the youths accelerate their acts into violence by prioritizing their feelings.

According to CCTV footage spreading on the social network about protest occurred on the morning of 3 March in Sanchoung township of Yangon, 6 people among the protest crowd were found using smoke grenades and Myanmar Police Force also released a statement about it.

Moreover, the people should be cautious during this period as in death cases due to small firearms are not associated with the security forces, and there might be some unscrupulous persons behind these cases, according to the findings of analysts.

The well-experienced political pundits also warn the people not to participate in riots and the youths should be wisely aware of dangers.—MNA.

Source The Global New Light of Myanmar 5th March 2021.

Please bear with the Burmese version of English, but the above are direct quotes.

For the sake of transparency, The Global New Light of Myanmar is published by the Ministry of Information and based in YangonMyanmar.

The main story on Wednesday was Watermelon supply exceeds demand as about 1,300 trucks were stuck in Muse depot on the Chinese border. This was due to a two-day break in exports to China as it was the Chinese New Year Holiday. On Wednesday, the UN confirmed 38 dead protestors, with more on the critical list.

I can do little but doff my cap to their editorial judgement.

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