I worry about the future of women if we cannot say ‘women have babies’. 

I’m a woman with XX chromosomes, have grown from girlhood through all life stages to deliver three wonderful babies, breast-fed those babies and given them the best start I possibly could. Nobody knows the precious maternal bond between mother and newborn, like a mother. 

Like only a woman knows mammograms, breast cancer, cervical smears, gynaecological cancer, endometriosis, hormone imbalance, ovarian cysts, Bartholins abscesses, contraception, periods and menopause.

But ‘trans ideology’ expects us to believe that men can feel what women feel and furthermore, that ‘feeling’ means a man is a woman regardless of his XY sex characteristics.

Quizzed by this proposal, I re-read the incredible story of King RICHARD III who died in 1435 at the Battle of Bosworth.

Archaeologists identified a skeleton found in a car park in 2012 as Richard III.  

‘The vast majority of our DNA is […] passed down […] through the generations and could be used […] for the DNA identification purposes. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down through the female line and the Y chromosome through the male line […]: only individuals related to Richard III through an all-female line or an all-male line could be used as comparators for the DNA analysis’.

Five hundred and seventy seven years after death, the skeleton was identified using DNA. I therefore assume that even if he identified as a woman,  his ‘feelings’ did not change his DNA.

I believe DNA is real and it determines our biological sex. People are perfectly entitled to disagree with the very subjective logic of transgender self-identification, that instead of biology being a fixed reality and gender being a social construct, sex is a social construct and gender identity, all seventy-two of them, are destiny.

It is not transphobic to say ‘I do not believe it’.

People can make up words like TERF but made-up words don’t overcome science.  The issue isn’t ‘hating’ or attacking transgender people. It’s about debating the theory, the language associated with it and the pressure on society to accept it in Law.

If people are cancelled and have their their books burned by simply stating their opinion, it’s because the inclusive, kind, caring and diverse people pushing this ideology either don’t have a valid counter argument or are incapable of presenting one in a reasonable and mannered way.

There is no reason why I must accept the trans activist version of reality –  especially when they won’t listen to mine. And I’m under no obligation to bother with someone else’s preferred pronouns’ when they won’t say ‘women have babies’.

I don’t know how a ‘feeling’ makes a man a woman.

But I do know that ‘feelings’ on the progressive woke Left are hyper sensitive, which is of course an understatement. So let’s look at our feminist Prime Minister and ask if she is standing tall for women like a feminist usually does?

Recently she announced free period products for schools. But rather than make reference to the ‘girls and young women’ in our schools, she said ‘young people’. Her message is that ‘girls and young women’ who endure the pain and discomfort of periods cannot be afforded due respect because a ‘person’ somewhere ‘feels’ that ‘they’ have a uterus and ‘they’ need to be included in the period ‘conversation’.

Our remarkable and stoic womanly forebears endured many difficult battles over several gruelling decades, fighting the patriarchy as they asserted their rights to claim representation in governance, business, education and sports. This is why we honour Kate Sheppard.

But now what? The blithering Generation of Woke have no reverence for what Kate achieved.

They cry into their devices and fixate about their ‘feelings’, invent new definitions of what it means to be a woman, to pump their movement via elite ideologues and thus remove my right to say ‘women have babies’.

Theses people are nothing against the stature of Kate. Nothing.

And there goes the feminist Prime Minister refusing to say ‘girls and young women have periods’ because an unidentified ‘person’ without a uterus has periods.  

My goodness. Do adolescents, dealing with the normal anguish of growing up need to be told their body is wrong? Isn’t growing up already littered with kids verging on self destruction, self hatred and self harm?

We absolutely accept trans gender people and offer support and caring to people with gender dysphoria. We also accept that if a man identifies as a woman in whatever ways that is meaningful to him that is his business, and nobody has the right to judge. I firmly believe all people should live their lives as they choose and we must always value the liberty of the individual.

But it’s a bit of a stretch to say that a man ‘is a woman’ just because that is how he ‘identifies’ and to wedge that belief into Public Policy and Law making.

If I’m wrong, please present a coherent argument, how a man’s subjective self identification overrides objective biological science, and how a man who has fathered children as a man, can suddenly turn around and give birth to a baby as a woman? 

Recently on social media I had the gaul to say ‘women have babies’. Immediately I was blocked and unfriended like I’m some sort of evil spikey ball of Covid.  

Well sorry not sorry.  ‘Pregnant people’ is a degrading slur against pregnant women who endure the agony of childbirth. Who lose babies in childbirth. Who bleed to the point of death in childbirth. Who are bedridden before and after childbirth. Who get stitched up internally like old socks from complications in childbirth. 

It is a crass, demeaning insult against the status of what only a women experiences, proven by men who buy women’s eggs and rent women’s uteruses in order to have a family because they cannot do it themselves. 

If I cannot say ‘women have babies’ and ‘girls and women have periods’ we’re in the clutch of ideologues hellbent on ruling the world by the bible according to whacko. 

I’m standing tall for women with flaming hot concern for my very own daughter and her future; her right to be addressed as ‘woman’, her right to women’s healthcare, women’s goods and services, women’s sporting & cultural pursuits, as a living breathing XX woman.

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