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In 2017, the coalition of Labour, NZF and the Greens took control of New Zealand thus becoming the start of a journey that originally claimed transparency, openness and kindness but has failed to deliver except in the area of removing freedoms and disempowered democracy.

New Conservative has worked hard to keep New Zealanders advised of this government’s authoritarian and undemocratic manoeuvring, which has included prioritising cosmetic surgery and promiscuity-pills over cancer treatments, the undisclosed signing of the UN Migration compact, pushing gender ideology, wilful ignoring of public submissions, rushed laws while the country is in lockdown, hidden sexual assaults and many others.

The illegal checkpoints that have popped up around the provinces, incorporating intimidation and nepotism with some being well-meaning and community-driven, are nothing less than a further allowance of division being facilitated by this government. As the government-facilitated checkpoints appear to be race-based, it therefore indicates further disrespect to our ancestors who signed the treaty of Waitangi, as the allowance shows a clear breach of article three.

The Land Transport Act 1998 states that:

“A person may not, without the prior written consent of the Agency, conduct on a road a traffic survey that is likely to involve the stopping, delay, or diversion of vehicles.”

or that:

“A person (other than an enforcement officer or a dangerous goods enforcement officer) may not by words, conduct, or demeanour pretend to be an enforcement officer or dangerous goods enforcement officer, or put on or assume the dress, name, designation, or description of an enforcement officer or dangerous goods enforcement officer.”

The checkpoints are illegal.

The government had, of course, given itself more powers via the ‘national emergency’ occurring, yet have continued to attempt to psychologically manoeuvre the people of New Zealand into believing private citizens have the power to prevent, detain or allow other private citizens of New Zealand to travel public roads, to public beaches, indeed even between regions, based on skin colour…without saying “skin colour.”

“The exploitation of race has become a staple of Progressive politics,” says New Conservative Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei, “and does little more than cause resentment, division and weakened resilience in our people.

“We are one people, regardless of the ideological desires of race-baiting politicians, and this is our nation.”

There is now a growing concern that the police are being politically manipulated away from their core mandate which is to uphold the law, without prejudice, in New Zealand.

“To the New Zealand police management,” concludes Ikilei, “whether using the Labour leader’s boyfriend in a taxpayer-funded PR campaign, raiding homes of innocent New Zealanders, or enabling illegal checkpoints, we call on you to curtail your apparent servility to the Labour party, return to your oath and “prevent offences against the peace.”

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What Lies beneath the Checkpoints
Press Release

Press Release

This article is a press release that has been published in full and un-edited by The BFD.