This is part three of a series of articles that exposes the ideology behind the New Zealand Mates & Dates programme. Our Guest writer reveals what they don’t want New Zealand parents or the general public to know.

*First published February 2019

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Mates & Dates Part three:

Safe Schools landed in New Zealand, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education wants inclusive school-wide systems, and their website is now littered with links and videos directing teachers to Minus-18 and The Safe Schools Coalition.

Much like Safe Schools, we are seeing the MoE push what are effectively Gender Clinics into schools. These will include nurses and access to methods of transition directly from their school.

Couple this with the fact that they also want teachers to keep secrets from parents, and we’re headed for dangerous and uncharted waters.
It’s important to remember New Zealand has very relaxed parental notification laws as it is, and teenagers are notorious for making poorly thought out choices.

The BFD.

Evolve is listed in the above image as a Partner Agency for helping kids transition.

I have been speaking with a Wellington woman who says her daughter, in one counselling session with Evolve, became convinced she was a boy.
Without parental consent, this 16-year-old girl was given a boy’s haircut, boy’s clothing, and a new name. She was also provided with a breast binder to make her appear more flat-chested and given a referral to begin the pathway of puberty blockers.

The binder caused severe chafing and restricted her breathing.

The BFD. Photo supplied by concerned mother.

Thankfully, the girl is desisting of her own accord and is returning to her natural self. The irreparable harm of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones had not yet started.

She had what can only be described as Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.
She had never experienced identity issues until she began attending lunchtime LGBT support groups, which she did in order to support her cousin who was transitioning.

This is a real problem because teachers are now being made complicit in this psychological abuse of children.

The BFD.

Teachers are encouraged by the MoE to keep a child’s mental health issues secret from their parents by allowing the child to adopt a new persona whilst at school, without informing the parents that there are identity issues. Not to mention that made-up pronouns like Xir and Vim will be used, and not simply those listed by The Ministry of Education.

Language has always developed and evolved naturally. However, these pronouns and radical redefinitions of words are not a natural evolution of language. These changes are not agreed upon by the general public. Several countries and around the world and states in the USA are already legally coercing people, under threat of fines and imprisonment, for not using these made-up words. The following video does a nice job of trying to side-step the issue by making the bald-faced lie that this is a natural evolution of language.

Source: One of the many minus-18 resources recommended by the Ministry of Sexualisation/Education

We all need to take action immediately.

  • Visit your school and ensure you know what’s being taught, by demanding to see specific resources. (Please remember teachers and principals are not necessarily in favour of this ideology, and many are afraid to speak out against this for fear of losing their registration or being alienated amongst their peers.)
  • Ask your children what they are learning at school.
  • Speak to your Member of Parliament and express your concerns.
  • Tell your friends, and share this information far and wide.

Our silence is interpreted as consent.
The time to push back is now, or else our schools will no longer be safe.

To be continued…


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Ministry of Sexualisation Part 3: Gender Clinics in NZ Schools
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