It’s a shocking public lynching! Hung, drawn and quartered in the public arena, even though I did nothing wrong. In the dock of public opinion, MSM have put me on trial.

The story should be about the offender and the incompetent police… Not me…and not Destiny Church!

The NZ Herald makes no mention of any other church this offender has frequented, so they can’t use the excuse that the publishing of their story is in the interest of public safety.

The media should be asking why police have allowed this particular sexual offender to roam freely. I am glad the police have finally arrested this offender. It’s only taken them eight months since we notified them in November 2023 of this offender and encouraged the victims to talk to the police. Why did the police not act immediately?

That should be the story here – the utter incompetence of the Police to deal with sexual offences. I believe there are some dirty dealings of the Police with this too. They have deliberately taken no action until now.

One of the victims has notified us of the police trying to coerce the victim in their interview statement into implicating Destiny Church. The victim categorically denied this had anything to do with the church…but it had everything to do with the offender.

Meanwhile, the offender has been attending multiple other churches, engaging with untold amounts of young people. We were informed last week this offender was operating another youth group under the name of an Otahuhu church, and when we contacted the Otahuhu Pastor, he had no idea the offender was operating under his church name. We hold the police responsible.

See the pattern of this offender here. This offender should not have been in circulation in our communities all this time. That should be the story, not me, and not Destiny Church.
Yet, the NZ Herald has chosen to plaster my photo everywhere…again!

For decades I have called out mainstream media, the trans/pride movement, and corrupt left-leaning political parties. Therefore, they have always had an axe to grind with me. Obviously, I am a dangerous threat to their agenda. I expect hit-jobs on me, but not the abuse of media platforms to implicate me with sexual abuse.

This is absolutely reprehensible journalism. It’s so bad I believe the public can see through this. First senior reporter Lane Nichols reported that this individual was a Destiny Church leader. We made a formal complaint to the NZ Herald, and they reluctantly agreed to remove the term ‘leader’.

Now, Lane Nichols reports that he is a ‘Destiny Church disciple.’ We do not use that title in our church.

Any investigator worth their weight can do a quick internet search of this offender which reveals his Facebook profile with the terms ‘Disciple of Christ’…we have blacked out the offender’s name in this screenshot. But I guess ‘Disciple of Christ’ doesn’t sell headlines, so he’s adapted it to ‘Destiny Church Disciple’.

Image credit: Brian Tamaki/supplied

So I will repeat myself again, because the NZ Herald does not listen:


  • I had nothing to do with this offender, I don’t even know him, and I do not know everyone who attends our church.
  • I have never anointed this offender into any church role. I pray over anyone who comes up to the altar call for prayer. That’s what churches do.
  • I have no time or tolerance for individuals who harm young people.


  • The church never appointed this alleged offender as a Destiny Church Youth Ministry leader
  • When the church became aware of allegations against this individual in his voluntary work, he was prohibited from attending Destiny Church
  • When this individual began attending another church in Counties Manukau, Destiny Church notified that church of the allegations against this individual. We never harbour sexual offenders, ever!

We will not allow this dirty scum of a reporter and NZ Herald to distract from the great work we do.

Any discerning Kiwi this past week will have seen how slow and reluctant NZ Herald, 1News and others have been to mention the Te Pati Maori allegations…but any chance they get they jump to implicate me in the media even when I had nothing to do with the alleged offence, treating me like I’m the offender…says it all really. MSM are biased and corrupt.

I understand NZ Herald laid off a lot of people yesterday…well, I want them to know all their jobs are on the line with this type of behaviour.

I have instructed our lawyers to take this reporter and NZ Herald to court over their persistent defamation and character assassination of me and the church.

I will not stop what I’m doing…see you on the battlefield!

The battle of good vs evil, right vs wrong, is very real!

This article is a press release that has been published in full and un-edited by The BFD.