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As adverse effects and deaths mount in the wake of the COVID-19 injections we take a look at another recent death, in an attempt to provoke the gritty questions that our listless mainstream media conspicuously avoid. Meanwhile, the elephant grows increasingly obese.

Yet another NZ teenager dies suddenly in his sleep, this time while on holiday.  Running around, playing, swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and being energetic and active with family during the day, he developed a bit of a cough and chest pain, then was dead the following night.  What happened?

The NZ Herald reported “local doctors suspect the cause of death was likely from blood clots.”

The Cook Islands News provided a bit more information.  His mother Mary noted:

“There was no medical history, he was a healthy boy, he was a good eater and sporty.  He had his vaccinations, and maybe that could have been a part of it, why he got blood clots.”

Why did the NZ Herald not mention his mother’s words about his vaccinations?

It is not clear whether the suggestion of death being due to blood clots came from speculation or post mortem assessment.

Blood clots can mean several things.  If blood clots cause a cough and chest pain, the most likely type of clot is a pulmonary embolus, a clot that has travelled from the deep veins of the leg to the R side of the heart and then to the lungs.  If a clot is big enough it can block a blood vessel and stop the heart from pumping.  Smaller clots that travel into parts of one lung or the other are likely to cause sharp chest pain and shortness of breath.  It is possible for small clots to be followed by a larger fatal one.

Blood clots can also form in arteries such as the coronary arteries of the heart and block the supply of blood to the heart muscle.  This could cause a tight or heavy chest pain.  If the clot does not dissipate, a heart attack occurs damaging the heart muscle.

Although not widely publicised, both these sorts of blood clots are increasingly recognised as adverse events following mRNA injections and were expected during development of the vaccines and seen in the early post marketing surveillance. 

A whole other ball game – or maybe not – are the bizarre white rubbery clots found in some living patients post jab, and after death during embalming. We have written to the pathologists’ professional organisation here, and latterly to every relevant doctors’ group in Australasia. Some evidence suggests these can appear the same as ‘normal clots’ on imaging, but they are unmistakeably different to the naked eye, and examining hands. Once felt, never forgotten.  Expect scientific reports on their composition shortly. We hope they will be a game-changer. 

Another cause of sudden death associated with chest pain is myocarditis.  This is an adverse effect that can follow covid vaccination and particularly affects males in their teens and twenties, often during exertion or sleep. We have posted many references and examples. 

Where are the investigative journalists asking the important questions?

We hope this family asks questions and gets proper answers about the possible role of any vaccinations in causing their boy’s death.

How many more of our young people need to die before we can talk freely about the possible causes? Meantime, stop the jabs immediately (they will be ‘available’ for infants 6 months and up from May 30th). The data has gone way past a “safety signal”. It is unfathomable that any sane authority or bureaucrat would ignore the avalanche of suddenly dead, clots, heart attacks and turbo cancers in the young that are filling our MSM headlines. What will it take?

“My baby’s got the blues…”

There is a second recent article where the NZ Herald has avoided asking an obvious question.  An 18-day-old baby turned blue and needed emergency transfer to Starship’s paediatric intensive care unit where he spent more than five weeks.  He was eventually diagnosed with ‘viral myocarditis’.  The elusive and alleged virus is not named, nor speculated upon. 

However, whatever caused his illness inflamed his heart “resulting in a collapse of the left ventricle” (main pumping chamber of the heart which distributes blood to the rest of the body). Needless to say, this was previously rare – and we have commented on a number of children awaiting heart transplants in recent years. 

The obvious question to us is, did the mother receive covid 19 vaccinations (or any other vaccination) either prior to or during pregnancy (or possibly both), or after delivery if breast feeding?  We are aware that, incredibly, the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) and Ministry of Health are STILL advising pregnant women to receive a vaccination for covid 19 along with other (DTaP and flu*) vaccines.  Midwives, pharmacists and GPs will be required to recommend and push these.

From the current NZ Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) webpage:

Recommended and funded vaccines during pregnancy.

“COVID-19 immunisation is recommended and funded for all pregnant women in New Zealand irrespective of their eligibility for publicly funded healthcare.”

“How much protection a mother’s COVID-19 antibodies may be able to provide for her baby and for how long is being studied.”

“COVID-19 immunisation can be given during any stage of pregnancy. A booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine can be given at any stage of pregnancy, from three or more months after the primary course. Comirnaty [Pfizer mRNA vaccine] is the preferred vaccine for use during pregnancy.”

In our opinion this is the most egregious medical advice and flies completely in the face of universally agreed and well proven medical principles.

We are aware, of course, that there are other causes of myocarditis besides covid (and other) vaccinations.  However, myocarditis in a newborn infant is very rare and covid vaccinations are known to cause myocarditis with vaccine compounds found in both the placenta and breast milk.  Contrary to what we were told about the injection staying the in the arm, the lipid nanoparticles are designed to take the synthetic mRNA all over the body.

It is unfortunate that the Medsafe datasheet for the Pfizer covid injection still says under section 5.2 Pharmacokinetic properties (which includes biodistribution) “Not applicable.” i.e. it is unlikely that anyone at Pfizer has studied where exactly the lipid nanoparticles take the genetic material, particularly during pregnancy. We all know the answer by now, however – everywhere, including across the placenta. 

The Air Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff… 

The Herald article above has been written to support annual fundraising for the Starship air ambulance – likely as run off its blades as all the ground-based fleets seem to be since 2021. 

We think it would be good to have some funding put towards examining the covid vaccine status of mothers (and fathers) of babies presenting with cardiac and other illnesses.  Research could also be done to determine whether babies of mothers vaccinated during pregnancy are producing their own spike protein.

As with our other NZDSOS articles and videos referring to specific people who have featured in mainstream media, we do not know the complete medical histories of the people involved.  We are posing questions that any curious physician who had the health of their patient(s) at heart, and any true journalist who wanted to get to the truth, should be asking. Right thinking people everywhere, watching the unfolding tragedy, should be demanding answers too. We can all see the tragic elephant, and we’re sick of it. 

* Note:

1) Whooping cough vaccination is recommended but it is not given as a single whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine but rather in combination with tetanus and diphtheria.

2) “Women who are pregnant across two influenza seasons are recommended to have an influenza immunisation in both seasons.” 

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