One of the oddities about New Zealand is how swift the country is to reward failure, yet highly reluctant to view success with the same level of approbation. I call it “The New Zealand Disease” and find it amusing. Add in a dollop or two of wokeness and you have the perfect recipe for a quick march to third-world status.

A glaring example is Theresa Gattung. On the day she became CEO of Telecom its market capitalisation was around $16 billion; on the day of her departure it was around $5 billion, making her one of the greatest destroyers of wealth since the bubonic plague. Yet she has been held up as some sort of ‘role model’ for women and is regularly described as a successful businesswoman. Even worse: this isn’t some sort of gigantic wheeze but is sincerely believed by many people. Bizarre.

She later got involved with My Food Bag, about which I’ve previously written: the worst imaginable investment in recent NZ history as the share price collapsed from – literally – the moment they listed on the NZX until the company’s removal. A lot of Mum and Dad investors lost their money, much like the Telecom investors, but I doubt they learnt much of a lesson from it.

Gattung is back again with a dating company called “Compatico”. It offers high-priced memberships for women lacking self-awareness as to why they’re single and unattractive to men. And many of these wallet-lightened souls are bemoaning the fact they’ve not had a single date as yet.

Much like the money-losing ‘Financial Advisor’ con game with their buzz words and high fees, if someone was intending to fleece lots of silly people looking for love they’d make it appear something really really important was taking place. They’d ‘bring on their witnesses’ to play to the jury; people such as psychologists and relationship counsellors – and guess what Compatico does?

However, there is an itsy-bitsy problem in all of this and why it won’t work. Due to wokeness nobody will ever dare mention it, so it falls to me, dear reader, to do so; pull up a chair and let your favourite Capitalist explain.

Men want a lady wife who is a bit like his grandmother; does the cooking, cleaning, raising the children, and worships him and his path in life; all without whining or being a bore. The reason marriages fail is because feminism has put ideas into the (usually empty) heads of many women to the effect they don’t need to do any of this; invariably the husband finds someone (usually younger and better looking) who will and so the marriage ends.

It seems difficult to imagine that the sorts of ladies who have $6000 to fork out for a membership to this dating service will have the slightest intention of undertaking ‘all of the above’. They are almost certainly bound to be opinionated, hectoring, strident, woke, feminazi and all carrying the usual baggage such toxicity entails. No man worth sixpence is going anywhere near them with a 10-foot barge-pole; the sort of wimp who wants to be a doormat for a woke feminazi isn’t the sort of fellow you want to marry, sweetheart. Yet no psychologist or ‘relationship counsellor’ tells these home truths because it doesn’t fit with the woke fantasy world; it’s easier to tell people what they want to hear and collect fees.

Once again Gattung has a failed venture; once again other people are out of pocket; once again the whole premise doesn’t add up.


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