Apparently not content with leaving New Zealand in the poo, Jacinda Ardern also flung fists full of her dire legacy across the Tasman. As The BFD has been reporting, dozens of foreign-born murderers, rapists, and child molesters, have been allowed to stay in Australia on the orders of Immigration Minister Andrew Giles.

At the heart of the scandal is Giles’s “Direction 99”, which ordered that non-citizens convicted of serious crimes should be allowed to keep their visas and stay in Australia after their sentences end. So far, a “remorseless serial rapist”, a paedophile with “some of the worst child abuse material in the world”, a serial child rapist, and a violent criminal who went on to murder a man after release, have benefited from Direction 99.

While the immediate blame for the debacle rests with Giles and his boss, PM Anthony Albanese, the ultimate cause is none other than Jacinda Ardern.

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern was the first foreign leader to visit Anthony Albanese after his election win. They had dinner at Kirribilli House, followed by more formal talks the next day.

The two leaders had known each other for years and both were enthusiastic about “re-setting” the trans-Tasman relationship.

The “reset” in question was Ardern’s years of whingeing that Australia wasn’t too keen on keeping Kiwi crims and gang members on our soil. Ardern publicly berated then-PM Scott Morrison, saying, “Do not deport your people and your problems”.

Except they weren’t “our people”, you fatuous apple-chomper. They were yours — but they caused plenty of problems in our country. We had enough.

In late 2014, section 501 of Australia’s migration law was changed to require mandatory visa cancellations for any non-citizens sentenced to jail for 12 months or more, or those convicted of a child sex offence.

If that meant that thousands of New Zealanders were booted out, then whose fault is that?

And for once Scott Morrison stood his ground.

Despite the very public pressure, Morrison proved to be as much of a brick wall on this as his Coalition predecessors. The then-prime minister refused to budge.

Then less than a third of Australians were foolish enough to vote for a clueless socialist, too.

Ardern had a fresh opening.

A fortnight after Albanese was sworn in, the two prime ministers discussed the deportations during their meeting in Sydney. “This does represent a reset,” Ardern declared after the talks.

ABC Australia

And Albanese and his activist-lawyer-turned-minister fell over themselves to do the Princess’s bidding. As was inevitable when Dumb met Dumber, the result was a disaster.

Anthony Albanese was too caught up in the glow of his election victory to realise taking ­advice from Jacinda Ardern to soften Australia’s immigration rules and go soft on criminals would not end well.

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to testing Albanese’s pre-election rhetoric that there would not be a cigarette paper’s difference between Labor and the Coalition on border protection and national security.

Andrew Giles, a left-wing comrade who represented refugees stranded aboard the MV Tampa and led the fight alongside Albanese at the 2015 ALP national conference to reject the ­Coalition’s boat turnback policy, was never the right pick as Immigration Minister.

The Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Giles to immigration and Clare O’Neil as Home Affairs Minister was the easy option that is coming back to haunt Albanese.

The Australian

Not to mention the innocent Australians falling prey to the worst of violent foreign criminals.

It really is past time to look at “bureaucratic manslaughter” laws, based on Labor’s own “industrial manslaughter” laws.

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