Hugh McPherson has taken a sick day from his job in a Government organisation to take part in today’s “carkoi”.

He and his wife Robyn, with dog Maia, are among at least 100 people gathered at Z Karaka in South Auckland this morning ahead of the protest.

“People of this land, we have a right to protest,” he said of criticism aimed at the weekday event.

“It’s up to the employers to deal with [any repercussions].”

He knew of younger colleagues who wanted to take part, but were too “whakama” [embarrassed] to ask for a sick day to attend.

McPherson, who is Te Arawa Tuwharetoa, was protesting “the way [Te] Tiriti is being misrepresented by our Government”.

A lot of people – not just Maori – were doing it tough, he said.

NZ Herald

Neither Te Arawa nor Ngati Tuwharetoa signed the treaty. In fact, their rangatira refused.

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