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Citizens of the world unite this Saturday 1st, June for a peaceful rally outside the United Nations (UN) building in Geneva in the name of freedom, independence and sovereignty. The threat to democracy and our individual freedoms is more important now than ever, and it is time to be the change we need for our future world.

Road to Geneva

This week is very important internationally.  It is the week for worldwide pushback on the WHO’s plans for global control.  It is the week the public draw a line in the sand and say NO to the WHO.  

No, we don’t have any confidence in the organisation

No, we will not be told what to do in our own countries

No, we will not be complying with the regulations

No, we won’t stand for unelected, unaccountable globalists, with self-declared immunity, pronouncing PHEICs (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) in an attempt to control our lives

No, we won’t surrender our democratic values for a corporatist technocracy

WHO is irreparably conflicted with vested interests and is no longer fit for purpose.  When its focus was on improving sanitation and nutrition in poorer communities, it perhaps had relevance but it has lost all credibility when dangerous pharmaceutical products and other harmful measures such as lockdowns and masks are proposed as ways to manage infectious disease. Plainly, it is controlled by billionaires and dictocrats.

Citizens of the world are uniting this week and participating in a convoy to Geneva. 

The event is called the Road to Geneva and citizens from many countries will be travelling to and gathering in Geneva for a series of events from May 30 to Jun 1 2024.

They will be there to say NO, there is no place for the WHO to dictate to individual countries how to manage health concerns, especially at the whim of a single – and highly compromised – Director-General.

Find Out More

The official website of the Road to Geneva states:

We, People of the world, no longer abide by the tyrannical rule of unelected global officials and their vision of the future.  We break free from their chains.  It is time to gather to reclaim our cultural traditions, history and liberties.  We are sovereign beings moving forward together in love, unity and peace.

There is much more information about what is planned.

Watch this short video (16 mins) to learn more about the event.

The local NZ website Say NO to the WHO provides more information for New Zealanders.

For all the background information about the WHO and what it has been up to and what is planned, check out VfF website www.boowho.co.nz.  They have done a great job collating large amounts of information regarding the regulations, treaties and agreements that are due to be signed this week.

This page explains how the WHO (and cronies) intend to use health emergencies to create a locus of worldwide control.

New Zealand Will be There

NZDSOS has two representatives who are on the Road to Geneva and who will be participating in the events. Look out for social media updates and livestreams.

Other New Zealanders on the speaking schedule are Geoff and Simone Sewell.

New Zealand lawyer Sue Grey will also be in Geneva speaking at the international lawyers press conference led by Philipp Kruse.  Her topic is the conflict between informed consent (with traditional fiduciary duties owed by doctors to patients) and the globalist agenda to censor informed voices.

Brief Background

The meeting of the World Health Assembly started on Mon 27 May 2024 and is scheduled for the week.

Representatives from around the world are meeting to discuss, finalise and sign international agreements or treaties.  Two documents are being prepared for signing:

  • the Pandemic Treaty
  • the Amendments to the International Health Regulations 2005.

There have been negotiations over several years to get the content and wording of the documents ‘acceptable’ to nations worldwide.  Much of this negotiation has been behind closed doors but citizens have not been advised of this or of the content being discussed.  The topic has been absent from mainstream media in NZ but it is known that countries could not reach agreement on the draft of the Pandemic Treaty prior to the meeting of the World Health Assembly. This will be further discussed at this week’s meeting.

We have written extensively on what is proposed and the reasons for concern.

It is not clear who will be representing New Zealand at the official World Health Assembly in Geneva though rumour has it that Health Minister Dr Shane Reti will be there. But even as we write it looks like sleight of hand and backroom deals are accelerating NZ towards complete loss of our autonomy.

Get Involved

The biggest impact we as citizens can have is to spread the word. People are tired after covid; they do not believe the government would call another lockdown; many have not heard of bird flu or the threatening narrative around this. The truth is our government could be irrelevant shortly (assuming it did have some sovereign authority during the last four years). New Zealand needs to exit the WHO or we will be subject to unelected officials who do not have the interests of the citizens of the world at heart. We cannot look the other way.

Download the pamphlet from Say No and pass it on to everyone. Share this post. Share anything on social media about the power grab by the WHO.  Talk to friends, family and check-out operators. Let’s spread the word and then make sure our politicians know that they will not get back into office again should they agree to the Pandemic Treaty and/or the Amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Watch some of the live streams.

Consider what you and your family would do if told to lock down, mask up and get jabbed again.

We will not allow our health, freedom and sovereignty to be taken away from us.

Watch: Road to Geneva and what won’t you do for freedom?

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