Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and author who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021, refusing to be inoculated, after working in the public sector in New Zealand.


I have long hesitated to write in anything approaching a ‘religious’ vein, for the simple fact that although I was brought up in a particular religion I abandoned it for a kind of secular vision of general goodness. Who had need of a God or gods, I surmised, when we men and women could create a decent and generous world without them?

Call me naive.

Looking back upon the 20th century, an era marked by two unnecessary World Wars, a Holocaust and the needless detonation of two nuclear bombs above a country that had already been reduced to rubble by conventional war, and, even more importantly, looking back over the past four years wherein the world was brought to a halt by a fraudulent emergency, the ramifications and resonances of which still echo, I struggle to find words to fill the vacuity of evil that has been visited upon us.

Flush with digital computational powers enhanced by the deliciously entangled quantum horizons, those who really rule the world — the golden million or two whose coffers have been inundated to overflowing thanks to covid — seem to want to convince us peons that not only may we transcend our biologically assigned genders, but we may transcend the biological imperatives of material demise by hitching our hopes for immortality to the ever-inescapable domain of fanciful machinery fueled by an intelligence that is deliriously artificial — the result of humankind’s unparalleled creative ‘art’. The kicker is that doing so — for those of us who peep about under the huge legs of the Globalist Colossus — means selling our unalienable birthrights to life, liberty and happiness for a bowl of the most stultifying gruel imaginable: the stale grey empty world of transhumanist equity, where diversity is finally celebrated by sameness.

But Spring is the season of hope and expectations, for stirrings and for rebirth. Whether one believes that Jesus was the Son of God or not, the legacy of Jesus offers the kind of promise that marks a true revolution.

Before Jesus, virtue was measured by wealth, status, cunning, strength and martial prowess. It is worth bearing in mind that the male head of a Roman household in 33 A.D had virtually limitless impunity to do as he wished with his slaves, wife or children. It is also worth recalling the adulation accorded ‘youth’ in Ancient Greece.

Jesus, however, promised something different. In essence he eschewed the universal reverence of Power and offered the possibility of a place in the only Kingdom that mattered, to everyone: the poor, the oppressed, the abandoned, the forgotten, the neglected, the lame, the ill, the weak, women as well as men.

This astonishing revolution was accomplished by an itinerant healer who shunned earthly riches and earthly notoriety — how often did he counsel his followers not to trumpet the miracles he worked?

Whether we realize it or not, the essence of Christianity changed the world, and the principles which we embrace and accept are the consequences: equality, cooperation, and love.

The institutions of Christianity — like all institutions — found a way to corrupt the pure message of their icon, and the innumerable wars and massacres and schisms and divisions and depredations perpetrated by them are impossible to ignore. Somehow and someway, humankind finds its way to betraying the good residing in its breast for the emoluments of evil.

Is it any wonder that, in the penumbra of these past four years, more and more of us have lost all faith in the secular institutions erected to safeguard our precious health and welfare — institutions such as the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, the WEF, the medical councils and governments around the world who chose to sequester and divide and to punish with vehemence those who protested against their imperatives? Institutions that pursued — difficult as it may be even for those of us in the know to believe — an agenda of murderous medical tyranny?

Call them false idols, these havens of bureaucratic control. We have seen through them, we are fighting our way against and around them.

A new world is coming —not the one these Colossuses had in mind for us, because we are now, by hardship, seasoned against their chimerical falsehoods.

For them this April may be the cruellest month; for us, it is a time of renaissance, of unfettering, and of building a human solidarity founded on freedom, not fear, on cooperation rather than control.

Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

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