Last week we did a McBLOG on the mainstream media’s obsession with the coalition agreement between National and NZ First which scraps and replaces the controversial and radical RSE curriculum. If you think that what we’re saying is all conspiracy theory, think again. The media are proving us to be spot on. And they did it at the weekend.


Media are trying to prove us… right

Last week I did a mcblog on the mainstream media’s obsession with the coalition agreement between National and NZ First which scraps and replaces the controversial and radical RSE curriculum being indoctrinated in schools by harmful groups such as InsideOut (RainbowYouth) and Family Planning Association (now called Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa) (yeah right).

And I claimed that the media are mad about this one clause in the agreement!!! Fancy expecting schools to focus on “reading riting and rithmetic”, and not be allowed to indoctrinate our kids with the ideology that they have 112 genders to choose from and 200+ sexualities. And I suggested that the media have almost an organised campaign against it – and gave you examples.

28 November – Axing sexuality, relationship education guidelines would be ‘huge mistake’ warns co-writer on taxpayer funded Radio NZ.

Same day – state broadcaster TV1 Breakfast – also interviewing the author – who just might have a vested interest, do you think?

Govt’s plan to axe sex, gender guidelines in schools ‘concerning’.

Three days later, Stuff decided to have a shot.

1st December – Scrapping sexuality education ‘repressive’, says guidelines author

And “backwards” apparently.

Christmas and New Year came and went, and while everyone was at the beach and not thinking about their gender and preferred pronouns, Radio NZ thought they’d have another crack.

January 10 – Government accused of ‘conspiracy’ thinking in changes to sex ed by the union representing primary school teachers.

And as we have found out since we discussed the midwifery council cancelling ‘women’, the majority of midwives have no time for the council’s wokeness. Most teachers probably reject their union’s wokeness also.

And finally, just 2 weeks ago, the media must have thought – nobody’s listening to us!

So another article – another shot – from Stuff

January 26 – Sex education changes ‘scary,’ ‘frightening’ and ‘dangerous’, union leader says  Back to the same union leader.

We’ve actually got some great words going here, haven’t we. ‘Huge mistake’. ‘Concerning’. ‘Repressive’. ‘Conspiracy’. And now ‘scary’, ‘frightening’ & ‘dangerous’. And you’ll hear those exact words in a clip I will play you shortly when the media are interviewing the Prime Minister.

I also highlighted one other funny thing. In the TVNZ Breakfast interview, the academic said “it’s young people that have been asking for meaningful consent, sexuality and relationship education in successive petitions to our Parliament since 2017”

The media just accept that as fact because it suits the narrative they’re pushing. We fact checked it.

And we found 7 petitions since 2017 that she may have been referring to ranging from 8,600 signatures down to just 222 signatures – but only two of them were started by students. The biggest ones weren’t started by young people. One was by left wing ActionStation and the other by a 24-year-old woman. And they were signed by anyone who wanted to. They weren’t purely school based. So that statement that “young people have been asking” is false.

But I did highlight one petition that the academic and the media & the academics have barely mentioned – and its this one

30,000 sign petition to stop NZ schools teaching gender diversity

In fact, the petition was eventually submitted to Parliament with 40,668 signatures. That’s more signatures than all the other ones I mentioned – combined!

But the media aren’t too keen on this one. Classic eh?

And what’s really significant is that in those five articles I highlighted, only one of them went and sought a contrary view – from another academic. A small paragraph which the reporter then went back to the academic who is the author of the extreme curriculum to rebut and label it as “a lack of knowledge”.

The media are pushing just one narrative in this debate around the protection of our childen – and it’s certainly not the narrative and concern of the overwhelming majority of parents. They never come and ask us our opinion, or other groups around the country that are concerned with the curriculum.

Now rather than try and prove me wrong, and show they’re not that obsessed with this issue with a one-eyed view, and that they’re willing to hear both sides…..

… the media have set out to prove me….  right.

Just at the weekend. Let me show you.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister did two things. He gave a State of the Nation speech – and then he went to the Big Gay Out where he was forced to abandon his visit because of protests from LGBT people and protests from pro-Palestinian supporters. Here’s what that looked like

And from Newshub

Yeah – it always amazes me that these functions that promote acceptance, inclusivity and diversity are often the most intolerant and exclusive groups to be around. Weird eh?

But I digress

As mentioned, the mainstream media are desperate to prove me right.

And so when they interviewed PM Luxon about his state of the nation speech where he made NO comments about the RSE curriculum, not a single mention, the media got stuck in – and you’ll hear the words “scary, frightening and dangerous”. I think they’ve been watching McBlog.

And Labour are desperate about it also. In fact, guess what, they’ve started ANOTHER petition!!

So Newshub thought they’d advertise it – and note the description of the radical curriculum by the reporter – written by educational professionals and specialists

And here’s the petition

It says “Removing important education resources, that are recommended by schools, teachers and experts, is not the way forward.”

Notice that parents and families are not mentioned.

Anyway I’ve signed it so I can keep an eye on their campaign.

But the media were still out to prove me right – so 1News Breakfast decided to do some marketing for the petition – “tell me about the petition”

In other words, let’s give you some promotion.

And you’ll note that the Labour spokesperson says Ask parents – not all parents. Select group.

Yep – no mention about all the other students whose welfare should also be considered – those with disabilities, different racial groups, socially awkward children who often get picked on, overweight students. We should consider the welfare of all students.

So that’s Stuff, Newshub, 1News. And then Newstalk ZB also on the same day gave a platform for the ex Minister of Education Labour’s Jan Tinetti to vent.

You’ll hear her talk about parents being able to exclude – but fails to admit that this ideology is now integrated into many subjects

She goes on to say that NZ First pushing it is getting dangerously close to conspiracy theories.

Now remember that Jan Tinetti pushed through the birth certificates legislation which makes a mockery of birth certificates because you can choose the sex on your birth certificate now.

So the mainstream media have proved me right.

They’re obsessed with this issue. And what’s most significant is that in all the coverage, not once – not once have they come to us or allowed a voice from the many groups and many parents who don’t want their children taught that there are 112 genders, 200+ sexualities and specifics around the five types of sex and other perversions.

And I reckon the reason why they don’t want to talk to our side (apart from the fact that they don’t want to hear your concerns) is that we would mention some of the specifics.

I always remember when we were campaigning against the book Into the River. It was a highly objectionable book with extremely foul language including the c word, and explicit sex descriptions – and yet it received the Children’s Book of the Year award. Fortunately, it has all but vanished now.

But when I went on both Radio NZ and Breakfast TV they specifically told me not to quote from the book because it would be offensive and they would be subject to a complaint from the BSA. So the book is not suitable for general broadcast for adults, but apparently it’s ok for young impressionable children to read. Go figure.

What does the general public think about all of this? As we mentioned last time

Only 1 in 10 (10%) think primary-age children should be taught they can choose their gender and that it can be changed through hormone treatment and surgery if they want it to be, while three out of four (76%) say they shouldn’t. 14% are unsure or refused to respond.

Yep – Only 1 in 10 support the radical aspects of the RSE curriculum

This polling – which the major media in New Zealand seem to have no intention of telling you about because it doesn’t fit their narrative – confirms that the majority of New Zealanders are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the gender ideology curriculum and agenda being rammed down in some schools.

This is what New Zealanders really think. This is what NZ First wants to get rid of – and which the media is campaigning to keep indoctrinating your children with.

If you think that what I’m saying is all conspiracy theory, think again.

The media are proving me to be spot on.

If you’re a parent, it’s time to push back.

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