If you’re to believe the mainstream media and the political establishment… well, you’d be the sort of fool who wouldn’t read The BFD. But, here you are, so clearly you don’t. But if you did, you’d be convinced that the very idea of voter fraud in American elections is absurd. Insurrectionist talk! Trumpian fantasies! Hate speech!

Just ignore the, you know, voter fraud.

Federal authorities arrested and charged Craig Callaway, a 64-year-old Democrat and former Atlantic City Council president, accusing him of running an illegal operation that offered to pay numerous individuals to act as messengers for voters who supposedly wanted to vote by mail […]

Under New Jersey law, any messenger is required to deliver a mail-in ballot they received directly to the voter who requested it. However, these messengers handed the ballots to Callaway or his subordinates.

Many of the mail-in ballots his team collected were cast in the names of people who confirmed to authorities that they neither voted in the 2022 election (in-person or by mail), nor authorized anyone else to cast a ballot on their behalf.


Hey, at least they were alive, unlike many Democrat mail-in voters.

Still, one bad apple doesn’t prove the whole voting barrel is spoiled!

A New Jersey judge on Wednesday ordered a new election for a Paterson City Council seat whose apparent winner has been charged with voter fraud.

State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela ruled Wednesday that the new election will be held in November, The Associated Press reported. Alex Mendez appeared to have won the May 12 special election, but the US Postal Service’s law enforcement branch said hundreds of mail-in ballots had been found in a Paterson mailbox.

The Passaic County Board of Elections ultimately discounted 800 ballots […]

In addition to the ballots that the board of elections determined were improperly bundled in mailboxes, the board disqualified another 2,300 after determining signatures on them did not match those on file.

The Hill

OK, so these weren’t the presidential election, but they do serve to show that even relatively small-time operations can swing elections.

And, sure, this in no way adds up to a grand conspiracy to ‘steal’ a presidential election – but it does show that the hodge-podge American voting system is wide open to abuse and fraud.

Anyone who thinks these are isolated examples is kidding themselves.

And it’s not just restricted to the Democrats, either.

Kim Taylor, the wife of an Iowa county supervisor, was found guilty of 52 counts of voter fraud Tuesday, concluding a months-long case into her interference in the 2020 election.

Federal prosecutors said Taylor attempted to “generate votes” in the 2020 primary and general elections in Iowa in order to help her husband, Woodbury County Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, win the primary for Rep Steve King’s (R-Iowa) former seat.

The Hill

The obvious conclusion of all this is that how Americans vote desperately needs a sweeping overhaul. However, Constitutionally, voting procedures are a state matter, so meaningful reform is almost impossible.

On the other hand given how Democrats in particular have weaponised control of voting legislation, keeping voting law out of the hands of any single government mightn’t be such a bad idea.

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