The NZ mainstream media are at it again, trying to make the news instead of just reporting it as it happens. And, yet again, they’re trying to whip their lefty pals up into a slavering mob.

This time their target is comedy legend, Graham Linehan.

To normal people, Linehan is known as the genius behind some of the best TV comedy of the last couple of decades, from Father Ted, to Black Books and The IT Crowd.

The mainstream media, though, are not normal people — and neither are the violent freakshows they pander to. So, to them Linehan is only one thing: a “transphobe”.

Controversial comedy writer Graham Linehan is set to visit New Zealand in March as part of a speaking tour presented by the Free Speech Union (FSU).

Best known for The IT Crowd and Father Ted, his views on gender have led to him being accused of transphobia and seen him repeatedly removed from social media platforms.

On social media the FSU said Linehan was coming, but did not reveal the date or venue.

Much to the disappointment of the mainstream media, no doubt, who are desperate to whip up another violent mob, as they did against Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull — whose name the media are careful to drop, also as a so-called “controversial speaker”. Still, the media are nudging and winking to their boot-boys in dresses to get their black masks and projectiles handy.

However, Jonathan Ayling, the FSU chief executive, confirmed to Newshub they were “in the final stages of confirming our venues. Linehan will be in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch between March 11 and 21.

“We expect dates and venues will be confirmed next week and will be publicly available after that.”

The FSU also confirmed to Newshub it had engaged private security for the venues and said they had an “expectation the foundational right to speak freely doesn’t elicit violence from others”.

And pigs with lipstick might fly.

While some commenters praised Linehan heading to Aotearoa, others warned the FSU would need extra security for whichever venue he appeared at.

“Wow. Well done, that’s brilliant news! One of the great living TV writers and taking a stand for women!” one commented.

Others also said they would prepare tomato juice, seemingly a reference to chaotic scenes from March 2023 when anti-trans activist Posie Parker was doused in juice while trying to speak at Auckland’s Albert Park.

What Newshub means to say is: after she was set upon by a deranged lynch-mob and physically assaulted by a man in a dress.

“The end result was that I spent most of my day with the protection of police who genuinely believed I was lucky to be alive. The advice was that I should go home,” Parker tweeted at the time.

Just a month later, Parker held a rally in Belfast, at which Linehan was seen in the crowd, according to photos published by the Daily Mail.


Well, gosh, nudge and wink the mainstream media to the mobs. It would be a shame if anyfink was to ‘appen to ‘im ‘ere, now woodnit?

And you can bet this is just the start. Watch as the media really start to stir up the rainbow fascists in a couple of weeks.

The only question now is whether police will actually do their job.

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