We are very pleased to announce a new service exclusively for our members. The BFD in partnership with GCo Fuels has created a discounted fuel option.

With the government removing the 25c per litre fuel subsidy, and the resulting significant increase in fuel prices from 1 July 2023, we encourage you to take advantage of the available savings with a BFD/GCo Fuels issued BP card.

These savings are currently on average 16c – 20c per litre at BP & G.A.S. service stations nationwide.

In the majority of cases, you will save somewhere between $6.40 and $8.00 on a 40L fill.

Please note there a small number of hotspots throughout the country, where the savings will not be as high as 16c – 20c, however on average you can expect savings of this level.

To help reduce some of the pain of the increased fuel prices, apply now for a GCo Fuels issued BP card.

GCo Fuels also provide Waitomo cards and Mobil cards.

Current Mobil discount is 11c off the Mobil pump price.

GCo Fuels Waitomo pricing is generally significantly better than the Waitomo pump price.

In these tough financial times anything that can save you precious dollars is something to be celebrated. We’ve worked hard to secure this offer for members. Apply for your family or your business – the savings are the same for everyone. Recession-proof your family and your business.

Save at least 10 CENTS per litre!*

Zero card/transaction fees

Up to 35 days free credit

Put a smile on your face with a BFD fuel card. Save at least 10 cents a litre each time you top up – no matter how much or how often you use it. Simply top up and pay with your BFD fuel cards at any BP, Mobil or Waitomo station nationwide.

Whether you’re filling up 91, 95, 98 or diesel, you’ll get unlimited fuel discounts using your BFD petrol fuel cards.

Our fuel discounts with Mobil are 10c per litre off the pump price. With BP and Waitomo, we obtain a set national weekly price per litre, and this is what you pay – same price across the country at all BP or Waitomo stations. Savings with BP and Waitomo on average work out to be 15c per litre better than the pump price, and often higher.

We make fuel savings simple. Once your application is accepted, you’ll get up to three cards – one for BP, one for Mobil and another for Waitomo – and you pay your fuel account by direct debit from your bank account or credit card.

Simply swipe your fuel card at the pump or the counter and you’re good to go. The more you fill up every month, the more you’ll save and those savings can really add up. 

Applying for a BFD fuel card account is like having an account for your home utility expenses such as power and gas. With BFD/GCo you get access to fuel savings whilst having the convenience of paying for your fuel when and how you want to. Pay your account by direct debit. It happens automatically and with one easy-to-read invoice, you can keep tabs on your fuel spending and watch your savings grow. The direct debit is processed on the 5th of the month following or nearest working day.

If your car has a standard 50-litre tank, with your fuel discount of at least 10 cents a litre, you’ll save $5 straight away. But it gets better because there’s no limit to how often you can use your fuel cards. So if you have two cars and fill them up twice a month, that’s a saving of about $20. Who said maths isn’t fun?

If you are a member then get started today:

If you aren’t a member already, then this is a very good reason to finally make the leap and sign up. Hell, if you fill up four times a month then your fuel savings would pay for a Basic, Bronze or Silver membership from the saving alone. What’s stopping you signing up today?

What’s not to like about joining the best news and opinion site in New Zealand AND saving on fuel?

* – Savings of 10c per litre are locked in with Mobil. Savings with BP and Waitomo are set by a weekly price per litre that on average is delivering 15c per litre savings and often much higher savings.

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