The Albanese government boasts about its record number of Muslim MPs. How’s that working out for them?

Bear in mind, too, that some of its most senior ministers preside over seats with sizeable Muslim voting blocs. The government’s very hold on power largely depends on Western Sydney – dominated by Muslims.

How’s all of that working out for them?

Just look at the government’s paralysis in the face of the spiralling anti-Semitism crisis. Not just on university campuses, but within its ranks.

Anthony Albanese says it’s “not appropriate” a WA Labor senator used a controversial chant when she broke ranks with the government’s position on Palestine, as the Coalition heaps on pressure on him to “take action” against her […]

In a significant split from the Labor Party’s position, the Muslim senator called for sanctions and divestment from Israel, and declared “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – a phrase Mr Albanese has previously condemned as a violent opposition to a two-state solution.

She said the phrase was a call for “freedom from the occupation, freedom from the violence, and freedom from the inequality”.

Which we all know is a blatant lie.

Even the US Democrats have ruled that the chant is anti-Semitic and calls for the total eradication of the democratic state of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish people. Germany has banned it, alongside Nazi symbols. UK Labour sacks MPs who use it.

Don’t expect any such backbone from Anthony Albanese, though.

Mr Albanese on Thursday morning was asked if he had spoken to Senator [Fatima Payman] since she made the comments, to which he gave an emphatic “no”.

This, despite Albanese supposedly emphatically ruling that the chant was “is an extremely violent statement that has no place on Australia’s streets”.

Coalition home affairs spokesman James Paterson said the Prime Minister “has to take action”, noting Senator Payman had “laid down the gauntlet” to Mr Albanese […]

“The Prime Minister has said this phrase has no place in Australia. Surely he cannot (have) a member of his caucus saying this.”

The Australian

Oh, but he can and he will. Given the choice between growing a moral spine and pandering to endemic Muslim anti-Semitism, there’s never any doubt which way Albo will fall.

And, as Labor governments always do, when faced with a crisis, Albo is going to hold an inquiry and kick the can a few years down the road and hope everyone forgets about it.

The Australian Human Rights Commission will carry out a two-year internal study, in place of the “inquiry into racism’’ announced in the federal budget on Tuesday.

Rule of thumb: if anyone responds to a crisis of anti-Semitism by babbling about “anti-Semitism and…”, they don’t really care about anti-Semitism.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Giridharan Sivaraman will lead the study into “anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and the experience of First ­Nations people in the university sector’’ […] the AHRC ­revealed that its study would focus on the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The Australian

So, the AHRC doesn’t really care about anti-Semitism at all.

Which we already knew, anyway.

As Quadrant magazine outlined recently, the AHRC has been taken over by a pro-Hamas fifth column.

On one estimate it totals more than 20 per cent of staff. They intimidate and insult their HRC President Rosalind Croucher with impunity. Some turn up for work in keffiyehs. Imagine a Jew going to the HRC in Sydney about racist threats, and [being] greeted by staff in Palestine headgear!


Imagine, indeed, a “First Nations” person being greeted by AHRC staff in pointed white hoods.

These are the people Albo is trying to tell us will – eventually, in a few year’s time – tell us whether or not there’s an anti-Semitism on university campuses.

After, that is, they’ve finished finger-wagging us about “Islamophobia, racism and the experience of First ­Nations people”.

Got to get their priorities in order, after all.

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