Monday, August 10, 2020
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    The Whale Meat BIG Bacon

    The Whale Meat Big Bacon Bacon, ONLY bacon, with bacon. So what is Whale Meat Company bacon really like? But wait...there's more... I am not...

    Quick & Easy: Feed Them FAST

    Have you been wanting to check out restaurant quality, non-halal meat from the Whale Meat Company? Try a Quick & Easy meat pack You like family meals that are quick and easy to cook. Fed them all fast with a...

    All You NEED to Know About Ordering Restaurant Quality Meat

    Okay, so you've tried our delicious meat products from The Whale Meat Company and you would like to enjoy it on a regular basis. We have made it as easy as possible for you to keep getting your favourite products every weekfortnightor...

    Would you Like to Hear the ONLY Principled Pro-freedom Voice in Parliament, in Person?

    In Auckland this Monday night David Seymour will be speaking at the Flying Moa in Mt Wellington on Free Speech, Fair Firearm Laws, the Zero Carbon Bill, and Freedom to Earn. Come and hear why more and more people are turning to...

    Whale Bacon for Breakfast

    We had the minute steaks last night, so tender that we had the whole slices on burgers and you could take a bite out of the cut no problem!This morning was eggs benny with Mrs Soze's homemade hollandaise sauce with eye bacon on inch thick toast... absolutely amazing... the...

    The fans COMPLAINED, we listened: Sirloin & Rump steaks PLUS bacon

    Available due to popular demand. The Whale Meat Company Sirloin & Rump Steaks box. Order NOW and get the enjoyment you deserve! Discover why Whale Meat Company fans wax lyrical about our meat. Tried supermarket...

    Mmm BLACK pudding for Breakfast

    As a special Christmas treat last year the Whale Meat Company created a black pudding breakfast pack. It sold like hotcakes and customers begged us to make it a regular product. As Cam is a big fan of black pudding himself...

    Television Tuesday

    Because Bacon

    Had some bacon this morning!F*** ME! Best I've ever had.That's some damn fine meats - R.C., Kaukapakapa Order our delicious meat today

    It’s getting cold: Time for a pork roast with LOTS of crackling

    Add deliciousness points to your meal with the NEW Whale Meat Company Pig Out meat box which features skin on for pork crackling. Get a boneless rolled pork loin roast that is a generous 3kg so you can feed the family and enjoy...


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