Many years ago, I was debating the so-called “climate crisis” with a left-wing mover and shaker. He was adamant that the global population had to be reduced to two billion people within the next 50 years.

Running some quick calculations brought up some disturbing outcomes of his policy. If this fellow got what he wanted, we’d find ourselves locked into a dystopian hellscape somewhere between Children of Men and the Terminator franchise.

Because, firstly, all births would have to be stopped immediately, if there was any chance of achieving the desired outcome.

Even that, though, wouldn’t be enough. Even if all births were stopped tomorrow, humans still wouldn’t die off naturally fast enough. Instead, the climate alarmists would have to take a more direct action, and actively cull human beings.

How many?

At least 80 million deaths a year – every year, for the next 50 years.

I put these figures to our climate botherer. He was unmoved. It’s the only way to save the planet, he affirmed.

If you thought this guy was just some lone loony, think again.

Bill McGuire, a Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London (UCL), authored a tweet Sunday that lamented the fact carbon emissions were not falling nearly as fast as needed and suggested solving the “climate crisis” with a deadly pandemic to wipe out swaths of the human population.

“If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate,” he wrote.

The Gateway Pundit

That’s pretty unambiguously saying the quiet part out very, very loud. People noticed.

Whereupon, he panicked, tried to hide what he said and lied about it.

I’m not sure where there’s much room to be mistaken about the meaning of culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate.

I am talking about reduced economic activity NOT reduced population.

Except that nowhere in the original tweet did he mention economic activity. He did however, directly advocate reducing the human population.

Still not content with the hole he’d dug himself, McGuire also put a timeline on his proposal to cull human population:

Needed within 66 months…


So, five years. Even Mao, Stalin, and Hitler would be disturbed by such unhinged bloodlust.

Lest you think, too, that this is just another inconsequential nobody, bear in mind that McGuire has the ear of government. On, as it happened, the very topic of pandemic.

McGuire is infamous for being a member of a British government body that advised politicians on the Covid-19 response. He also co-authored a report for the radical United Nations’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which helps influence climate policy worldwide.

And he’s far from alone in being a Climate Cultist advocating mass murder on a scale never seen in human history.

Infamous animal rights activist Jane Goodall once floated reducing the Earth’s population to what it was 500 years ago. A University of Texas professor also called for killing 90 PERCENT of all humans to save the planet.

The Gateway Pundit

In fact, they’re both saying almost the same thing in different ways. If Goodall had her way, 95 per cent of the current population would be exterminated.

By their standards, Pol Pot was the greatest environmental activist to have ever lived.

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