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I ran my own blog, Life Behind the Iron Drape, until 2015 when I stopped as I was merely repeating myself. So while still up, that blog is little read, and there is something I want to say.

Sean Plunket’s The Platform is not the resistance.

Plunket has no understanding of the significance of the most important event since World War II: the Covid pandemic.

Going into Covid I put my medical and biometric information into the Oxford University Covid Calculator, and it returned my likelihood of no problems from Covid (Alpha strain) as 99.9887%. That’s not something for me to have been overly worried about; I certainly wouldn’t have changed how I lived my life over it.

Around the same time, I listened to a three-hour interview with award-winning Australian vaccine maker, Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, on the reckless programme of Covid vaccine development by Pfizer (Moderna, etc) which broke all the safety codes of the scientific process. Pfizer unblinded the control group to produce an experimental technology with no long-term safety data. The interview was hilarious but all the more frightening, given what then happened: the coerced vaccination of entire populations with it.

Your Body My Choice. Photoshopped image credit Pixy. The BFD.

I didn’t take the so-called vaccine as the risk versus reward was ludicrous, and it made no rational sense in my situation.

The vulnerable who probably should have considered the risk of the hastily put together ‘vaccine’ were already known by Pfizer. They were a minority – the elderly, mainly – but Pfizer kept that fact and their limited trial data from panicking governments while binding them into contracts that only the gullible, a government of school teachers, would have entered. Governments were played, beautifully. Pfizer had no liability for harm. Pfizer’s coffers filled with cash.

But this is not about the vaccine. This is also not about how the mainstream media enabled a wall of misinformation over Covid. The mortality from the virus itself, the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine, and Covid policy. This they did by their demolition of free speech and the use of cancel culture against every medical professional who had a different opinion; professionals every bit as qualified as those advising government.

This piece is limited to my disappointment with Sean Plunket’s new media platform, named The Platform, which advertises itself as “The resistance”. The resistance is supposedly from the biased shallow journalism of Stuff, NZ Herald, TVNZ, RNZ, etc, as exemplified in Paula Penfold’s Fire and Fury propagandist, but trite, mockumentary.

In The Platform, I was hoping we had our own GB News as an antidote to the evil – and the consequences of having no free press are evil – of our MSM. But we don’t. Outside of the few shows granted to Rodney Hide, whom I notice no longer gets air time, we have anything but the resistance.

If you are the unvaccinated, furious about what has happened over the last two years, don’t ring The Platform: you’re wasting your time.

Plunket can’t get over himself enough to listen to anyone or anything other than his own bias on Covid, and his need to belittle and crush you, your knowledge, and your lived experience. After each demolition he will pass this off as ribald humour: it’s not. It’s cancelling on the level his supposed foes are up to.

The Platform is not giving light to alternate, rational points of view when its morning presenter only allows alternate views on for seconds. This includes the morning I heard a doctor who had been de-registered ring him, and on ‘outing themselves’ against his bias, was crushed under odious, bullying bile. That’s dictatorial: the furthest remove from the tolerance The Platform professes on its home page and also from basic, open journalistic enquiry.

But that’s still not my point, which is this: a number of times I have heard Plunket opine as to why we unvaccinated, and the many vaccine injured, continue to bug him and his show, why don’t we all “just move on”.

I would like to tell Plunket why. The fact that he and the MSM don’t understand this central point is another marker of the demise of a professional, objective fourth estate.

When Covid hit, those badly made videos from China circulated, and our Western governments panicked and were captured by vested pharmaceutical interests. It was all so crazy I don’t understand what happened other than Dr Robert Malone’s premise of mass formation psychosis.

Importantly, in the blink of an eye, our Labour Government arrogantly granted itself emergency powers – as did liberal governments around the West – against which there was no protest from populations (the little that there was, was extinguished by brutal police power) nor was there opposition within Parliament from our supposed representatives in the Opposition, including from David Seymour and ACT.

Those emergency powers were then used to conduct the wholesale abolishment of our basic rights, including freedom of movement, the right to autonomy over our own bodies via the mandates, the annihilation of free speech, the cancellation of all dissent. Essentially we had a gulag in New Zealand in which we ended up with facts actively destroyed by the self-proclaimed single pulpit of truth: our Orwellian Government – enabled by the mainstream media.

This horror that unfolded was breathtaking in the width, breadth and length of its destruction of the legal infrastructure and conventions of a formerly free society.

And as I’m typing this, 18 October 2022, when for all of us, other than Wiles, Baker and Jackson, the so-called pandemic is over, we’re trying to recover our normal lives and an economy, I’m listening to Ryan Bridge on AM news state that Ardern’s Government is planning to legislate even more restrictive Covid powers for themselves … Unbelievable.

That’s the point.

We went from supposed free societies to gulags with no individual rights (at all) on a Prime Minister’s speech, as governments commenced the biggest criminal act in history: the forced and it was forced, we must not let ‘them’ rewrite what they did – vaccination of populations with an unsafe drug.

Pharmaceutical companies that made huge profits were given clearance from all liability for harm for a drug which bypassed all safety protocols. They were allowed to release a vaccine which should have taken seven to twelve years to develop, to come to market in less than one year, and into people’s arms in mass vaccination centres after the government deliberately destroyed the sacrosanct doctor/patient relationship. They did that by making doctors fearful of losing their registrations, and with that out went informed consent.

New Zealand’s Bill of Rights has been a farce from its enactment, as it is not only ignored, but never referenced by legislation, and now we find we never had rights at all. It turns out that we only had freedoms in the form of indulgences doled out by government which could and can be taken away at will. That’s not a free country. This is not a free country.

The medical facts are now coming to light confirming how Covid was not a mortal pandemic we needed emergency powers for and that the vaccines didn’t prevent transmission, as admitted by a Pfizer executive in the European Parliament last week. This admission revealed the job mandates and lockdowns by the government as pointless, and worse, revealed that the government knew the truth and lied to us.

Image credit The BFD. Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Dr Michael Baker and Dr Shaun Hendy

Wiles, Hendy, Jackson, Baker, our so-called experts knew this but chose to lie to us to ensure we took the jab. Get vaccinated for others was a lie. Get vaccinated or you’ll kill granny, was emotive blackmail and a lie perpetrated by the so-called ‘kind’ who were granted unholy state power over our lives, backed up by the full force of our police.

What happened during the time of Covid is important as it was the biggest criminal act by supposedly liberal governments against their people in history.

It was the first time we have seen the coerced vaccination of populations with a recklessly developed drug that broke all the normal scientific safety controls.

It was the first time that authoritarian governments used an emergency to lock us down and abolish our freedoms.

It was the first time that we were stupid enough to put up with it and it was the first time that the MSM were on the side of the tyrants, not acting as the defenders of objective, nonpartisan truth and inquiry.

That Plunket hasn’t got the journalistic wherewithal to get the above points is incredible, and beyond disappointing to those of us who thought we finally did have a resistance in the media (as with GB News for the lucky Brits).

From time to time The Platform has an interview with Island documentary maker, and GB News presenter, Neil Oliver (via a personal friendship I think with afternoon presenter Leanne Malcolm). But I’ve never heard their discussion touch on all matters Covid as I suspect Plunket is too wary of that.

He should take himself onto YouTube and listen, really listen, to Oliver, because Neil has figured it out. Neil truly is the resistance to the unbridled power of out-of-control government and he knows how derelict media are, and why governments must have their powers curbed.

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