MyBFD is our second platform that we created to extend the BFD community and to make it easier for members to interact with other members away from the public glare of General Debate and Backchat.

The community at MyBFD is open to all members with Bronze level and above. ( **This does not include the Basic level sub which provides users with ad-free access only)

To log in, all you have to do if you are an existing member is enter the same login id and password that you currently use to access our subscriber content.

What is MyBFD?

My BFD is many things.

One way to think of it is as a special Members-only lounge where you can chat privately with your mates in peace and comfort.


Think of it as a platform that is a little bit like Facebook, but without the snooping of big corporates. The community seeks to extend what already happens in our community with Sumps and clubs.


The MyBFD platform allows members to organise themselves into public, private or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listings. Groups have been established for every political party, Regional Sumps, the WOGC and many other interests. Some private member-only groups have also been established for Silver, Gold and Platinum Subscribers. If you can’t find a group to interest you then start one!


You can create a discussion forum, or join an existing forum to allow members of a group to communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

Members can make connections with one another and focus on those they care about most.

Private Messaging

Members can send private messages to one member or a group of members.

Activity Feeds

Global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, @mentions, and email notification support.

Albums and Media

Members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and share them for other members to see and comment.

MyBFD Marketplace

Members are able to place classified ads to sell items or advertise jobs to other members. 

MyBFD Marketplace

Many more features will be added throughout the coming years.

Join us today in our new community.

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