The BFD is seeking journalists to write news articles for us in a voluntary capacity. We are looking for News stories without spin, just the facts.

The BFD is a Conservative site opinion wise but real news shouldn’t have a political view, its job is to inform not to persuade.

If the opportunity to write in the way that you were taught to write back in journalist school appeals then The BFD is the place for you.

The BFD as it grows intends to have a 50-50 split of news and views. If you are currently an out of work journalist overseas or in NZ why not keep your hand in and build your portfolio by contributing news articles regularly to The BFD?

Sometimes perfectly good articles are turned down by MSM outlets and all your effort goes to waste. If you have written an article that you couldn’t get published elsewhere why not give us the opportunity to publish it?

Perhaps you would prefer to write under a pseudonym? No problem, we do not require your articles to be published under your real name.

The BFD is already New Zealand’s largest New Media website as well as a community platform through MyBFD.

If you have a strong desire to be involved in helping grow an already very popular New Media site, contact us now. There is no obligation, just an opportunity to put your work in front of our large audience.

Send your news articles to sb at the

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