Guy Hatchard

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID, he has expertise in the interpretation of data

A definitive preprint study of 25 December 2021 analysing data from 42,000,000 cases in the UK finds that the risk of developing myocarditis among young males after mRNA vaccination is greater than the risk of developing myocarditis after covid infection. The risk of myocarditis is further elevated following a Pfizer booster shot. This finding is contrary to the narrative that is being presented by the NZ media and by the Ministry of Health. It shows that the present policy of vaccination for individuals up to 40 is flawed from a safety perspective.

Respected US cancer researcher Vinay Prasad, who usually presents a pro-vaccination stance, blogs:

“These findings clearly dispel the misinformation online: Yes, sorry to break it to you, vaccines can have risks of myocarditis EXCEEDING risks of myocarditis from infection. Please stop saying otherwise.”

He further comments:

Perhaps that is why Marion Gruber and Phil Krause, the Director and Deputy Director of vaccine products at FDA, have just resigned: they wanted no part of the flawed US vaccination policy which is failing to minimise harms.

Vinay Prasad further claims that data shows it is highly likely that the 16-24 age group will have an even higher risk.

This preprint is supported by Health Data Research UK and was published in response to scientific discussions arising from a study published on December 14 in the prestigious Nature Medicine. 

The preprint clarifies and quantifies the conclusions reached in this paper which are also critical of vaccination policies.

It is very important at this point that the NZ media take note of the evolving science on mRNA vaccine safety. The NZ government is on the brink of offering vaccination to 5-11-year-olds for whom there is insufficient safety data and is also continuing with an advertising campaign that informs the public there is no risk from vaccination. It is impossible to maintain this public narrative with any degree of honesty. It is now up to the NZ media to step up to the plate and present a critical scientific perspective in its reporting rather than the uncritical stance it has taken so far. The health of our young people is at issue.

The December 15 private letter to DHBs from Dr Ashley Bloomfield admitting a significant risk of myocarditis and pericarditis shows that the government is aware of risks, but the current NZ vaccination advertising and mandate policies have not caught up with the evolving scientific findings. The NZ government is not offering the ‘informed medical consent’ required by the NZ Bill of Rights.

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