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misbegotten (adjective):

1 dated : unlawfully conceived : born to parents not married to each other
2a : having a disreputable or improper origin
b : contemptible

Source : Merriam -Webster

Etymology : In the beginning, there was bigietan, and bigietan begot beyeten; then in the days of Middle English beyeten begot begeten, and from thence sprung misbegotten. That description may be a bit flowery, but it accurately traces the path that led to misbegotten. All of the Old English and Middle English ancestors listed above basically meant the same thing as the modern beget-that is, “to father” or “to produce as an effect or outgrowth.” That linguistic line brought forth misbegotten by adding the prefix mis- (meaning “wrong,” “bad,” or “not”) in the mid-1500s.

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