Jacinda Ardern and her Fascist government have given individuals and businesses the green light to discriminate against and to exclude others. Ardern’s implicit and explicit statements that there are now two classes of people in New Zealand has given citizens both overt and covert permission to discriminate against the Untermensch.

This has resulted in business owners CHOOSING to discriminate against people even when they are not being explicitly forced to discriminate in order to keep operating by the government.

Today’s example is a business that didn’t have to discriminate (as the rules allow them to serve unvaccinated customers if they switch to a takeaway model) but they decided that they would do it anyway as they don’t believe that they can survive financially otherwise.

The Rustic Bakery in rural Canterbury made the decision to only serve vaccinated customers “as it keeps the business the safest”.

[…] In a post on Facebook the bakery stated, “this is not our choice, we did not make up these rules, we have done what’s best for our business and staff and customers wellbeing – we can’t survive on takeaways alone”.

NZ Herald

Canterbury Bakery Cops Abuse from Unvaccinated Customers

The Rustic Bakery Cafe in Lincoln, Canterbury

A popular bakery in Lincoln, on the outskirts of Christchurch, has made a plea to customers not to upset staff if they don’t have a vaccine passport and as a result, are refused service.

The Rustic Bakery Cafe has posted online that they are “disappointed and disgusted in the behaviour some people have displayed this morning”.

Today there have been a number of instances of people who did not produce a vaccine passport and got upset when they learned that only vaccinated people would be served.

Natalie Jones, who works in front of house and is a barista, said they were “disrespectful”.

NZ Herald

While I agree that it is not the fault of the staff that the business owner has made the decision to discriminate it is not at all surprising that customers would be very upset at being denied access to one of the basics of life…bread. Remember Supermarkets are not allowed to discriminate and the unvaxxed (so far) are at least allowed access to essential services in this Orwellian world that we are all currently living in.

The business owner should not complain about staff being abused by customers. After all, as Ardern is so fond of telling us all actions have consequences. If it is ok to tell us that if we refuse to be coerced into being vaccinated then the consequence is becoming a second class citizen and losing our job then surely it is also okay to tell businesses that choosing to discriminate against the unvaxxed comes with the consequence of many angry and upset customers.

You make your choice and you take the consequences.

The evil of the situation is that individuals and businesses are being forced to make these impossible choices in the first place.

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