Anyone even vaguely cynical about the climate con and the scumbags running it knows several things.

  1. It is a Trojan horse movement driven by socialist elites to get power.
  2. It is a cause supported by every sort of grubby commie and lefty from scowling zealots to cut lunch part timers who indulge themselves mainly to signal how damn good and superior they are.
  3. It is a bandwagon that opportunistic grifters can jump aboard to cash in on and to relieve decent citizens of their money.

Yesterday we saw number three, although the person in question also qualifies for numbers one and two. This is Phil Goff, who announced a classic climate grift on Newstalk ZB: a climate tax on Auckland ratepayers.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is proposing a 5.9 per cent rates increase next year, including 2.4 per cent to fund a new tax to reduce carbon emissions.

Goff said the climate action target rate (CATR) will fund an ambitious $1 billion climate action package by delivering more buses, ferries, cycling and walking and urban tree planting.

Note the idealistic fluff of “….. more buses, ferries, cycling and walking and urban tree planting.

Gee, what a good cause, right? Who would be a Grinch and disagree with that virtuous comment? It’s just your money, right? Good old Phil, trapped in the ideological red zone again.

Naturally what is wrong is a spurious tax for a spurious reason that will further make Auckland too expensive to live in and drive people out of their homes, especially those on fixed low incomes. In essence he wants to create rates refugees. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as all commies like to drive you off your land eventually.

Phil likes to justify it with a fallacious argument.

“A recent progress report on our Climate Action Plan states that Auckland’s emissions are not remotely tracking in line with our target to reduce emissions by 50 per cent by 2030,” said the mayor.

Well of course not. The target of 50% is ridiculous as is the year 2030. Both are arbitrary numbers plucked out of the enviro commie backside and not even vaguely attainable or realistic, but Phil is going to tax you into compliance and bend reality to his mighty will.

Then of course we have the classic,

“While nobody relishes the idea of paying more rates, we’ve heard clearly from Aucklanders that they want us to do more on climate change and to improve our public transport system.”

This is a typical bit of weasel word nonsense. What Phil really means is that he has listened to a minority of enviro commie activists that reinforce his view. This is typical of the sly tactics of all politicians pushing personal barrows: get a few opinions in agreement and spin it as everyone.

This has spurred a reaction from the ACT Party that was mentioned on MSN. com under the banner of Radio NZ.

Of course it is all anti car hogwash obsession again.

Transport commentator Matt Lowrie of Greater Auckland said regular services are key to getting people out of cars.

“There’s a saying: ‘frequency is freedom’. If you have a frequent bus nearby, you are more likely to use it. If you have an infrequent bus, one every half hour for example, it’s just not practical.”

Yeah, right Matty boy, except often public transport doesn’t go where you want nor by the most direct route and you cannot carry lots of things on a bus. That is why people like cars. Then of course the plucked out of the air, ‘frequency is freedom’, seemingly borrowed and adapted from the Orwellian ‘Tax is love’ from the grimy Green Party. How cute. What a slogan!

Then we also have the sly tactics of implying most Aucklanders want something again with,

Goff was aware of the strong public support for the council taking greater climate action.

“Eight-nine percent of the people surveyed said yes. When we asked people about what they wanted Council to do a lot more of, one of the first things they nominated was public transport.”

I’ve struck this weaselly nonsense before in Wellington over a cycleway when a councillor claimed majority support for them from 100 or so submissions, most from the cycling lobby. Ask 100 of your mates what they want, knowing they mostly agree with you, and when 89 say yes you claim a majority representing thousands. Tui time here and no mistake.

Simon Court, the Act Party’s climate change spokesperson, said this proposal is a sly way for Goff to raise rates above his promised 3.5 percent. And costs are piling up, Court said.

That would be an understatement. People are struggling to live and the out of touch socialist dreamers come up with another purse robbing move.

Well Phil, you are a climate commie con artist, anti-ratepayer and a disgrace. How does that Goff vote seem now folks?

Still the rest of us cannot crow. I bet every commie city council nation-wide will be seeing how this goes and are rubbing their hands with anticipatory glee.

Grifter of the Week; Phil Goff
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