I first got involved with politics at the tender age of fifteen. In the ensuing sixty years, I cannot recall such an incompetent hopeless bunch of losers as this lot. They have reached a level of incompetence that not only presents a danger to the country but also to themselves. They are losing the next election with every move they make. There is not one person out of the entire 69 who deserves to be in Cabinet. Not one is up to the task.

The way the government is operating is serving only to highlight its inadequacies. Legislation, often poorly drafted, is being rushed through Parliament without time to go through the proper parliamentary process. The latest example is the Covid legislation enacting the rules and regulations for the next stage of the government’s convoluted approach. Even the Speaker was not happy with the process. He might not have been happy but he failed to stop it from happening.

An example of an illegal sign.

Immediately David Seymour exposed a glaring error. The Ministry of Health had a huge number of stickers printed for businesses to use showing their staff are fully vaccinated. Under the law just passed in Parliament, the stickers are illegal. They then had to rush through an amendment the following day. This is not how a government should operate in a democracy. It is a straight out abuse of power.

The MSM are of course silent about this as they mustn’t offend the postmistress sending the pay cheques. This is government behaviour at its worst. It is only serving to increase the numbers of concerned people turning out to voice their opposition to this type of governance.

In this government, ministers are never wrong. They have plenty of mistakes to apologise for but none are forthcoming. They wrongly put labels on people they don’t like. Hipkins talks about “white supremacists” and Nash calls people “anti vaxxers” and “racists”. They cover up their inadequacies by using bully boy tactics.

They are so out of their depth they make the currently shambolic National party look like a better bet. They introduce endless ham-fisted Covid rules and regulations designed to confuse the population and distract them from the government’s failures on the issues that matter.

They don’t actually achieve positive things. The only things that have ‘worked’ have been of a negative nature such as lockdowns, wasting money and trampling all over people’s rights.

As Covid moves down the list of main worries, as it has to eventually, things like the economy will return to the fore. Rising inflation and mortgage rates, higher prices for the basics, cost of living versus wages: these issues will hurt the government.   

Once the cover of Covid has gone this government will once again be hopelessly exposed for all their failures.

This government has to go.

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This Government Has to Go


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