On October 9, 2023, the Australian Greens showed their true colours to Australia and the world.

When a Muslim mob attacked a memorial for the October 7 victims, chanting “Gas the Jews!”, Greens politicians marched proudly alongside. This was, remember, before Israel had lifted a finger to respond, so the Muslims and Greens didn’t even have the poor excuse of “anti-war”. The march was about nothing else but celebrating the slaughter of over a thousand Jews.

And the Greens were right there, celebrating.

Which makes an absolute mockery of the self-serving lies of Greens foreign affairs spokesman, Jordon Steele-John, who claims the Greens oppose all forms of intolerance.

He said, against the backdrop of the Greens screaming in the Senate for the annihilation of the Jews of Israel.

The Australian Senate united — almost — in condemning the genocidal chant, “From the River to the Sea”. United, that is, except for the eleven Greens and one former Green, the contemptible Lidia Thorpe.

Not content with voting against the motion, the Greens and Thorpe deepened their disgrace by screaming the hateful slogan in the Senate chamber.

Opposition Assistant Regional Health Minister Anne Webster has claimed it a “bold and important” step for the Labor and Coalition to come together and vote to ban the “from the river to the sea” statement used in support of Palestine.

Speaking on Sky News Ms Webster said it was the right decision to support the motion put forward by Liberal senate leader Simon Birmingham after it had been used by Labor’s Fatima Payman.

Conspicuously, the Labor Muslim senator was absent from the vote.

Ms Webster said the vote was a good start by the PM but he still needs to take steps to eradicate the antisemitism that is currently rife in the country.

Not to mention rife in his own party.

“I think Australians still expect the Prime Minister to be stronger in his language,” she said.

“It is an excellent thing that the senate, or the majority of them, have come together to condemn that type of behaviour.”

It took the opposition to prick Labor’s conscience — their own leadership, from Albanese down, was too gutless.

Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Simon Birmingham has moved a motion calling on the condemning the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” because of the insinuation that Israel should not exist.

Senator Birmingham said the slogan was anti-Semitic, as Greens and independent senators chanted the phrase back at him.

The Australian

No doubt, if he’d moved to ban the Sieg Heil salute, the Greens would have leapt to their feet and snapped a Roman salute.

Old habits die hard, after all. The Green Party was founded in Germany by a roster of ex-Nazis.

So, that’s the Australian Parliament, the US Congress, the German government, the British Labour Party, all agreeing that the slogan is anti-Semitic.

And there the Greens are, bellowing it in Parliament.

Next, they’ll be treating Parliament to a rousing chorus of the Horst Wessel Lied.

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